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Girl for Sale At The Vulnerable Age Of , Lara McDonnell Was Picked Out By A Gang Of Men Who Befriended Her, Showered Her With Attention And Gained Her Trust Manipulated And Groomed, Her Life Quickly Spiralled Out Of Control As The Men Trafficked Her Around The Country, Deliberately Keeping Her Compliant With Drink And Drugs Deeply Disturbed, And Frightened About What The Gang Would Do To Her If She Tried To Break Free, It Would Take Over Years For Lara To Find The Strength To Fight Back, Flee Oxford And Escape Her NightmareThis Is Her Heartbreaking Story

About the Author: Lara McDonnell

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Girl for Sale book, this is one of the most wanted Lara McDonnell author readers around the world.

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    Great that I pick this book up My rating is based on plot developmentKudos to the author for stepping out of her comfort zone The world is even better when broken people walk out getting stronger and helping others in need The issue with the plot was about how Lara kept going

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    I was aware of the ring that operated in Rochdale, but never expected it in Oxford as Lara says people imagine the spires and seats of education rather than the grimy crack houses This type of crime the grooming and trafficking of our young is getting too commonplace It cannot have been easy

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    Good book, a very honest and heartfelt book Not normally the sort of book I would read but I m glad I read this and stepped out to see the world in which she grew up in Made me cry so many times and it s so harrowing but what a brave and inspirational character she is.

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    This book is a heartbreaking story about a young girl who grows up poor and neglected, and gets lured in to child trafficking We all think of trafficking as something that doesn t happen in our own country, or something where children are shipped off to another country, but it can happen domestically Although

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    Good bookOpen our eyes to abuse tat no child or adult should face Glad these men got wat they all deserved Some people are sickening

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    Not the sort of thing I would normally pick but I read this book for work, to help better understand the complexities from a victim of CSE s point of view Well written without sensationalising the terrible experience Certainly helped with understanding the failures of professionals and also recognise the behaviour and emotiona

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    brought up in a violent and dysfunctional family Lara is eventually rescued then sent to a number of unsuitable foster homes eventually she is adopted by a woman who cares deeply for her at first things seem fine then Lara gets sucked into a gang who are basically paedophiles and exploit her using her as a prostitute for other paedophi

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    Eliana KatochOctober 5, 2018Book review Girl for sale, Lara Mcdonnell Summary The shocking story of Lara Mcdonnell s life gives you perspective on what s hidden in the streets of Oxford Raised in a neglectful and abusive home, Lara is eventually placed into the foster care system at 4 years old After years of being in the system, she is adopted

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    BraveI cannot fathom the amount of courage it must have taken to write this book, going through all those horrible memories that scar you for a lifetime I have never read a book of this sort before Knowing that it was the true story of the author s life made it very hard to read As I went through the pages, I felt devastated for the little girl who had

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    Eye Opening It is shocking and sad to read these true life stories of young girls abused so terribly in life To know that a girl could be living this life right under the noses of adults is hard to accept It opens eyes to horrors that a human being should never live, much less a child The book sheds light and brings awareness to a situation all too prevalent the

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