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Greek Myths Secuencias ilustradas de la Caja de Pandora, Arion y los Delfines, Orfeo y Euridice, Los doce trabajos de Heracles, Dedalo e Ccaro, Perseo y la cabeza de la Gorgona, Teseo y el Minotauro, Aracne contra Atenea

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    An amusing introduction to the world of Greek mythology.

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    Citation Greek Myths for Young Children, by Marcia Williams Candlewick Press, 1991 40p Graphic Novel.Summary This graphic novel presents eight Greek myths in a comical manner The myths accurately portray the adventures of Pandora, Arion, Orpheus, Heracles, Daedalus, Perseus, Theseus and Arachne.Critique a The style of this book detracts from its success The pi

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    I can see this being a great book for encouraging reluctant readers Having said that, I didn t think the illustrations were well matched to the subject matter For me, the myths are too dark and strange to be rendered in such a naive, cartoonish style For my money, it s hard to beat D aulaire s This doesn t come close.

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    Though some of the stories are a little hard to follow, and shortened so much that the long names make up a large proportion of the overall letter count, my 7 year old really likes this comic book version of some of the most famous Greek myths.

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    This was my most treasured book as a child It was this book that planted the seed that would eventually sprout and blossom into my ongoing love for Ancient Grecian mythology additionally probably my earliest memory of being made aware in print that sometimes really shit things happen to unassuming people for almost no reason whatsoever, and that there s almost nothing you

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    Title Greek Myths for Young ChildrenAuthor Marcia WilliamsGenre MythTheme s Greek MythsOpening line sentence In the beginning, the gods lived on Mount Olympus.Brief Book Summary This picture book tells eight Greek myths through images Its comic like format makes it easy to follow these otherwise complex tales of the gods Professional Recommendation Review 1 CandlewickWilliams

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    Reason for Reading All my readers should know by now that mythology is a favourite subject of mine, especially Greek Plus I had also read Williams first Shakespeare book ages ago when it first came out so knew what to expect.An absolutely beautiful oversized book, graphically designed to be aesthetically pleasing The author illustrator often takes a week per single page to design

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    Marcia Williams book was a collection of Greek myths that were retold It has many stories in it that are oddly illustrated I did not find the pictures in the book appealing, as I am well aware that this is a children s book, i still found the illustrations quite annoying But i did love the fact that she cut down the stories into little pieces to help younger kids comprehend them I ga

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    This book is a collection of some of the most famous and classic greek myths including Pandora s Box, Arion and the Dolphins, Orpheus and Eurydice, The Twelve Tasks of Hercules, Daedalus and Icarus, Perseus and the Gorgon s Head, Theseus and the Minotaure, and Arachne Versus Athena The author does a nice job of preserving the original myth while still simplifying it enough for young read

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    Written in horizontal comic strip fashion, this book retells eight Greek Myths in a humorous and fun way This book would be good to read to a class and also use children to act the story out as a role play and also to read along acting as the characters so they could read the speech bubbles This would also be a good to introduce the topic of The Greeks so that the children would become a lit

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About the Author: Marcia Williams

Marcia Williams began to develop her distinctive comic book style at an early age When I was about ten and wrote home to my family from boarding school, she says, I never wrote normal letters I tried to tell my family about what I was doing in a way that wasfun Also, my parents didn t let me read comic books, so I decided to create my own This former nursery school teacher blends her storytelling skills and humorous illustrations with well known figures and stories from literature Her unique style has produced such vivid works and action packed books as GOD AND HIS CREATIONS TALES FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT Working on the Old Testament was a joy, Marcia Williams says The tales are so rich, it is always possible to find something new within them Yet, at the same time, they have all the comfort of the familiar The artist also found pleasure in creating CHARLES DICKENS AND FRIENDS, which presents five retellings of classic Dickens tales Of her inspiration for this book, she tells of a teacher she once had who was extremely fierce and angryexcept when she read the stories of Charles Dickens aloud Through her, all his characters lived, and I was transported to their Victorian world I hope that readers will also enter the wonderful world of Charles Dickens through this book With BRAVO, MR WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE and TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE Marcia Williams introduces young readers to the world of William Shakespeare s plays Another classic she has made muchaccessible to children andappreciated by them is THE ILIAD AND THE ODYSSEY My mother read me classics, but until I got older I never found them interesting, she says If I could make these storiesaccessible, I realized, kids wouldn t have to wait until they were grown up to appreciate them Marcia Williams traveled extensively as a child and was educated in Sussex, England, and Switzerland During her varied career she has worked as an interior designer and has assisted cartoon artist and designer Gerald Scarfe in making papier m ch and cloth sculptures.

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