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Gretchen Gretchen by Shannon Kirk is one of the most unrelenting, intense gothic suspense horror novels that I have read in a long time Lucy is a fifteen year old girl who has been on the run with her mom for thirteen years While she does not know why they are constantly running, she knows that she must never engage with strangers, always wear her colored contacts, and be prepared in an instant to move to the next place After leaving abruptly when Lucy mistakenly locks eyes with a stranger, Lucy and her mom go to their eleventh state, New Hampshire There, they find a seemingly perfect rental property on the grounds of an isolated fortress, complete with hanging traps and electric fences Their landlords are Jerry, a pianist, and his teenage daughter, Gretchen It is evident that Gretchen is unusual and doesn t have any friends but she soon becomes Lucy s first real friend But as their friendship develops, Lucy realizes that Gretchen s intensity has become controlling and unsettling Gretchen s obsession with puzzles, particularly puzzles with dark th Well, I do know who is narrating this novel I m super pumped A Brilliantly Constructed Novel Kirk Draws The Reader Into A Fascinating World Of Shifting Truths Whose Details Are By Turns Grotesque, Funny, Creepy, Thoughtful, And Exhilarating Publishers Weekly Starred Review The New Tenants Have A Terrible Secret So Do The Landlord And His Daughter Ever Since Lucy Was Two, She S Been On The Run Alongside Her Mother She S Never Understood The Reason For A Lifetime Of Paranoia, Aliases, And Lies All She Understands Are The Rules Never Lock Eyes With Strangers, Never Let Down Your Guard, And Always Be Ready To Move On.Finally, After Thirteen Years And Eleven States, Their Next Hideaway Seems Perfect An Isolated, Fortresslike Place In The New Hampshire Woods Is The New Home They Share With Its Owner, A Gentlemanly Pianist, And His Lonely Daughter, Gretchen She S Lucy S Age And Soon Becomes Lucy S First Real Friend.But Gretchen And Her Father Have Secrets Of Their Own And An Obsession With Puzzles That Draws Lucy Into A Terrifying New Game Of Hide And Seek Lucy S Dark Past Is About To Come Calling And This Time, For Her And Her Mother In The House On The Hill, It Might Be Too Late To Run. Let me just say, I m so glad I read this during the daytime, when the sun was shining and I was in a plane full of people bc OMG This book is creepy in the best possible way, and waaaaaay scarier than what I m used to Shannon Kirk does it again Gretchen is psychotic perfection loaded with extra helpings of bizarreness and a couple of pounds of fried bacon thrown in I loved it Gretchen terrified me, made me laugh, made my jaw hit the floor How can a book do all three I ll tell you how, because it comes from the brain of Shannon Kirk, one of the most gifted, original horror writers working today This book is a nightmare, a delight, and a mischief making, nasty nice fairy tale pixie, all wrapped into one insidi Review soon Definitely between 4 5 for meOkay I ve had a few days to think this over, and I m going to go with 4.5 rounded up to 5 I don t really do that often, but for me this was so close to being perfect that I just couldn t have it any other way I haven t read Kirk before, a misstep I m definitely regretting I already have eyes on her 15 33 novel GRETCHEN is a very dark suspense thriller, chock full of female characters I loved, hated, and was terrified of There are some scenes involving Gretchen that had me cringing HARD and I rea Spine tingling and deliciously creepy, Shannon Kirk sGretchenhas a way of getting into your head, making you frantically turn the pages to find out what she ll do next, and who she ll let live Even if you re a master at expecting the unexpected, you might want to read with the lights on. FOUR ENTERTAINING STARSMag, I hope this isn t weird, and I truly mean it as a huge compliment, but I think you re a Jenny too Maybe even the truest Jenny Are you a Gretchen or a Jenny Sometimes a Gretchen can BE a Jenny And vice versa Got that Shannon Kirk is an outstanding writer She cleverly weaves together a mirrored double plot line that has the reader climbing a ladder of suspense You had best hold onto tight to each rung because when you reach the top, watch out You re about to be pushed off that ladder into a climactic scene I still can t get my head around.I had a difficult time rating Gretchen A Thriller For 75% of the book, I was 120% invested LOVED IT We have an astute and insightful main character, 15 yr old Lucy, who is on the run with her mom Her father tried to abduct her when she was a baby and now that mom is in charge, she is not about to let that happen again So, they run And move towns a lot Eventually, Lucy meets Gretchen Gretchen is a weird kid with personality to spare I loved everything about needy little Gretchen until I didn t Okay, now about that last 25% of the novel I admit to some eye rolling and skimming some long passages about bones Yes, bones By the end of the book Shannon Kirk is the queen of W.T.F I fell in love with Kirk s writing last summer with her release of In The Vines In fact, In The Vines was one of my top 10 novels for 2018 So when I heard the fabulous Shannon Kirk was coming out with a new novel for this summer, I knew I needed to drop everything and read it Kirk s upcoming horror novel Gretchen continues to follow in In The Vines s footsteps as she ventures further into the gothic suspense genre Both In The Vines and Gretchen have similar Ruth Ware vibes, so if you are enjoying Ware s latest novels, then you ll definitely enjoy Kirk s writing Although the story is titled Gretchen , it really focuses on fifteen year old Lucy and her mother Lucy and her mother are basically nomads hiding from their past Lucy s mom refuses to let her get too close to people she has to wear color contacts, she has to lie about her family life, and she can t use the internet without supervision Lucy s mom is terrified of her daughter s father finding them due to his

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