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Halfway Home Growing up dirt poor, Maggie Royal aimed for greatness and, as a Hollywood actress, she achieved it Now, decades later, she agrees to a rare interview at her home in Paris Slowly and painfully, the memories emerge until, finally, she comes to the moment when she abandoned heryear old daughter

10 thoughts on “Halfway Home

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    I enjoyed reading the book but the ending ruined the whole story for me and I, for one, judge a book by its ending

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was pretty intense throughout The characters were developed really well The author did an amazing job of telling the story through both the mother and daughter I hope to readbooks by this author.

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    this was an okay book.

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    This story involved a mother and a daughter They have been separated for many years Each loved the other without question but, as many story lines go there is a lot of unanswered questions and plenty of misunderstandings Each of the two main characters have their own back story The reader learns a bit about how they made their choices and what the results ar

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    It was ok, I was not pleased with the ending, I don t feel like it answered my questions Oh well, it was a quick read but had a sad tone through the entire thing I don t need sad in my life, I need happy books

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    Read 2 02

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    very engaging and impossible to put down my cup of tea.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Good best seller type Sheldon Alexis, daughter Elise drowns, mother Maggie who moved to Paris is a famous actress Good read.

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    I enjoyed this story very much, until the end it just stopped as if someone tore the last page out of my book

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    It was an easy summer read.I enjoyed it

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