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Hate F*@k Ripped from the headlines A USA Today best selling romantic suspense family saga Cole Parker is a Washington fixer A crisis management expert with dubious ethics and an impeccable track record And he has a problem the very good, very sweet, dangerously sexy Hailey Dashford Reid, who wants nothing to do with her family, aka his clientsHailey refuses to cover up yet another scandal She wants Cole to get out of her life after he makes good on the filthy promise in his dark, glittering gaze But the tangled web of corruption runs deeper than either of them know, and when provoked, ruthless forces push back HardThis is the complete story of Cole Parker and Hailey Dashford Reid The Forbidden Bodyguards series continues Also available Booty CallDirty LoveWicked SinFilthy Liar

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    5 Dirty White Knight Stars I can t believe I haven t read Hate F k until now Holy WOW I loved every moment of it, the suspense, the angst, the sex. SO GOOD Cole. you are so freaking hot I can t wait to read the other stories about these sexy men of the Horus Group So curious about Jason and Ellie, especially And going straight to read Booty Call

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    Find all of my reviews atI m not a good guy I don t think I careWhat can I say about Ainsley Booth I ve wanted to read this sucker ever since the first time I saw it due to the super classy title and the fact that the fellar on the cover reminded me a bit of However, I am fully aware of my limitations and knowing it was being released as a SERIAL

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    3.75 starsTons of drama and action It started off with some angst however i think this book was low on the angst scale and surprisingly had A LOT of sweet, especially from the hero Off the charts sex scenes and i m looking forward to other characters books.

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    3.25 stars To my Safety Gang Galsview spoiler For some context, she kinda hates him and he s trying to keep his distance ergo the Hate Fuck They are very attracted to each other but fighting it So in the first part of this, after they succumb and kiss, they bump into each other at the opera.She is on a date that was set up by a friend that she doesn

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    2.5 Stars

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    UGH Here goes I got this book without reading the blurb and what I got from the title,Hate F kwas of two schoolmates who had so much sexual tension but they hated each other The guy s a massive jerk The girl s the resident loser LOL Damn, I was so far off What I got was sex, some politics, sex, corruption, sex, secret organizations,sex, pussy licking,

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    Man, I really wanted to be able to give this bookstars because it had a promising, unique plot, that could have been really interesting I just don t think it was executed well I feel like there is so much left unsaid and I m still not sure I know what the hell was happening completely After reading all three parts, there is still way too much grey and

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    I decided to give this one a chance the name kind of threw me but I m so glad I did This was a great read I loved Cole and I loved Hailey This was a sexy, dirty, sweet romance Even though the name implies hate f king I didn t get that feeling at all There is great sexual tension and nuclear chemistry between the MCs This story definitely isn t what the

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    So I went into this knowing full well that it was probably going to be full of wall to wall sex And nope, I was not disappointed in that regard What I would ve liked was a bitcohesion from one section to another the story was initially released as three separate sections.Sadly, the other part that I felt let down by was the inconstancy in the characteris

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    4 Hot Sexy Love Stars Spoiler FreeLUCKY, LUCKY YOU You get the entire series PLUS TWO Epilogues to boot all under one cover with no waiting All Cliffies will be satisfied just by turning the page Enjoy Hate F k Part 1 The Horus Group, 1 Hate F k Part 2 The Horus Group, 2 Hate F k Part 2 The Horus Group, 3Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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