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Two boys, lunacy, and gayness Comic Romance Excerpt After classes that day, Julian went back to the dorm and discovered a pensive Nigel sitting with several ells of rope draped across his lap He was tapping a legal pad with a pen, and beside him was a Butterfinger bar on a paper plate The candy had been carefully sliced up as if to make it last for the longest possible time Let me guess Suicide note, last meal, and hanging yourself Not in our room Yuck Julian, do you believe in the scientific method Hypothesis, thesis, and testing your theories Of course Good You re almost my best friend, and I need help Julian didn t like the sound of this What sort of help I m not pushing you off the windowsill once you ve tied the rope around your neck My hypothesis is that I could possibly, just possibly, use some improvement in my kissing technique So Nigel smiled an evil, predatory smile Fifteen minutes later, a feebly thrashing Julian was trussed to his bed, and Nigel was sitting on his chest Julian had been howling for succor, but the door was locked and their room was isolated from the others As Nigel drew lines on his legal pad, he explained You give me a one to ten rating for each kiss, and I ll reward you with a bite of candy bar I m delivering each kiss with a different technique Why don t you torture some girl instead of me Julian whined Because I want objective, truthful feedback A girl I m dating won t be honest If you think a kiss is good, it probably is Oh, my God, wailed Julian as Nigel s maw approached Something horrible and prolonged happened, though Julian wasn t sure what Minus five You re not allowed to use negative numbers Impressions Pea soup Dammit They d had pea soup for dinner, and Nigel went off to brush his teeth Floss, scrape your tongue, and do a mint rinse, Julian yelled after him I don t want to experience that again How Julian and Nigel Turned Each Other Gay (Inadvertently), or So They Both Claimed

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    I bought this novella in a bundle from Smashwords I thought the title was offbeat and I like a good satire And this is a good satire Clever and witty and dry Not a typo or piece of punctuation out of place, either To the author, Avis Black, you nailed it I will add this, I was raised on a diet of St Trinian s and other British comedies, and I m an Aussie, so the humour was very me It is a satire, remember tha

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    Ehhhhhhhhhh not the best My issues with this story The writing style was not my cup of tea too clinical not relatable over complex Romance what romance Trying to be funny, but not what I liked good premise

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