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How To Deal With Difficult People After preaching a series of talks on How to Deal With Difficult people, many people came up to Bo Sanchez, scolding him for not giving this message sooner Because for the first time in their lives, they felt liberated Suddenly they knew what to do with the toxic people in their livesThis book will emancipate many people from years and years of suffering It will show you the path to authentic love

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    It will leave you self reflecting on what kind of vampire you are It s true that this book will set you free It s liberating to know that somehow you are a difficult person too You can t really point a finger to someone else unles

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    You cant control people s faults But you can control your response to those faults A book I wish I had back then It has helped me a lot Not only does it tackle dealing with difficult people but it will change you, the reader, not the

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    Thought provoking lessons that are communicated in layman s terms Before looking outward, we must first acknowledge that we ourselves are partial personal vampires To some people, I am unknowingly that difficult person Change begins withi

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    I read the book, hoping it would help me understand the difficult people around me Instead, it helped me understand how people understand me as a difficult person It s helped me better appreciate the people around me.

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    A very essential and helpful book to our personal lives I am so grateful and blessed to read this book This comforts and reminds me So spiritually uplifting Praise be to God Alleluia

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    How to read this book I want to read it

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    Valuable lessons Didn t expect to enjoy the book so much.

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    Every chapter of this book would make you reflect specially in those chapters where Bro Bo is mentioning all kinds of vampire that is possibly present around you, and in some part realizing you also have that characteristics like those you considers vampires of

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    Bo Sanchez said in this book that the difficult people were like vampires.They will suck the life your joy, your self worth out of you.What I love really about this book was not only that we will identify who the vampires are in our lives and how to deal with them,

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Bo Sanchez is a preacher, leader and entrepreneur He is the auhor of 30 bestselling books and publisher of eight periodicals Bo also has a weekly TV show, adaily radio program and a daily Internet TV show He travels extensively around the world as a powerful speaker So far, he has addressed audiences in 14 countries, including 36 cities in North America He found many organizations, such as Anawim, a special home for the abandoned elderly, and Shepherd s Voice, a media group that publishes the widest read inspirational literature in the country He is also the founder of the Light of Jesus Family, a spiritual community.

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