Hygge: A Celebration of Simple Pleasures. Living the

Hygge: A Celebration of Simple Pleasures. Living the Danish Way. Candlelight is hygge the smell of freshly brewed coffee is hygge the feel of crisp, clean bed linen is hygge dinner with friends is hygge Hygge , pronounced hoo ga , is a Danish philosophy that roughly translates to cosiness But it is so much than that It s a way of life that encourages us to be kinder to ourselves, to take pleasure in the modest, the mundane and the familiar It is a celebration of the everyday, of sensual experiences rather then things It s an entire attitude to life that results in Denmark regularly being voted one of the happiest countries in the world So, with two divorces behind her and her th birthday rapidly approaching, journalist Charlotte Abrahams ponders whether it s hygge that s been missing from her life Is it a philosophy we can all embrace In a society where lifestyle trends tend to centre on deprivation be it no sugar, no gluten, no possessions what does cherishing yourself actually mean And will it make her happy In Hygge, Charlotte Abrahams weaves the history of hygge and its role in Danish culture with her own attempts, as an English woman, to embrace a hygge life In this beautifully written and stylishly designed book, she examines the impact this has on her home, her health, her relationships and, of course, her happiness Light a candle, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get ready to enjoy your hygge life

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