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Seth is determined to make Miranda his girlfriend, but he is going to need some very good advice Miranda has fantastic green eyes and really good muscles and a jealous ex boyfriend who throws people into rivers As for Miranda s father, he makes the ex boyfriend look like a saint Seth would also like to save his parents marriage and write a brilliant play To meet his goals, Seth finds that the best advice comes from a teen magazine called Dolly In this latest comical novel from popular Australian writer Doug MacLeod, teenage protagonist Seth Parrot relates the hilarious trials of his family and his own bizarre attempts to court Miranda Dealing with a melodramatic younger brother, a housing inspector bent on destroying the Parrot home, and a gardener who would prefer all flowers dead, Seth navigates his way into Miranda s heart I'm Being Stalked by a Moonshadow

About the Author: Doug MacLeod

Doug MacLeod is a Melbourne based writer and TV producer who has worked on many of Australia s most popular comedy shows, including The Comedy Company, Fast Forward, Big Girls Blouse, The Micallef Program and SeaChange He was also the script editor on Kath and Kim.While he enjoys the TV work, he prefers writing books for young people After leaving his full time job in TV, Doug wrote the teenage novel Tumble Turn, which was published by Penguin in 2003, and is on the syllabus at Deakin University.On The Cards is a book of ridiculous greeting card rhymes with an introduction by Ben Elton that Doug wrote for the international charity Comic Relief in 2002 A second book of creepy rhymes, Spiky, Spunky, My Pet Monkey, was released in 2004 Both books are illustrated by Craig Smith and published by Penguin Craig and Doug again collaborated on Leon Stumble s Book of Stupid Fairytales, published by Working Title in 2005.Doug s second young adult novel for Penguin, I m Being Stalked by a Moonshadow 2006 , was shortlisted for the New South Wales Premier s Awards, and published in America by Front Street Press.Two fantasy novels, Kevin the Troll 2007 and The Clockwork Forest 2008 , came next and were also published by Penguin The Clockwork Forest was presented as a play at The Sydney Theatre Company in 2008.Doug s third young adult novel, Siggy and Amber, was released by Penguin in 2009.But he s probably best known for a book called Sister Madge s Book of Nuns, which was published in 1986 He s less well known for The Life of a Teenage Body snatcher, which was published by Penguin in 2010 and is a much better book, especially if you like your comedy a little black.Recent non book related activities include co devising the animated TV series, Dogstar, for which he has won two Australian Writers Guild Awards and the inaugural John Hinde Award for Science Fiction There are 52 episodes Doug wrote half of them Philip Dalkin wrote the other half The show plays all over the world and premiered on the BBC.With satirist John Clarke and composer Alan John he wrote a play based on May Gibbs famous children s book, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie It was directed by Neil Armfield and premiered at The Sydney Festival in 2007.With comedian Tracy Harvey he co wrote the musical Call Girl in 2009, which had two Melbourne seasons.In 2008 Doug received the Fred Parsons Lifetime Achievement Award for Contribution to Australian Comedy at the Australian Writers Guild Awards.

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    This is the best book I have read in years I stayed up an hour and a half past my usual bedtime to finish this book can we not talk about how much of a loser I am Thanks I had pretty much resigned myself to the thought that no book I was ever going to read could even approach the awesomeness level of Whales on StiltsI stand corrected This book is AMAZING The protagonist is so bizarre There s a fema

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    This book is about a boy Seth Parrot and his family who live in Australia Seth s father has already gotten into a feud with the environmental health officer Mr Raven with only living there for a couple of days Little do they know that their children are in love But with both father s hating each other, they can t express how they feel I really enjoyed this book because it showed you what it was like t

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    This is a great, quirky coming of age story.

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    What a sweet, funny, endearing, captivating story I traded for this book because I liked the title, having just renewed my interest in old Cat Stevens songs I had no idea what this book was about, except that it seemed to be written for readers under the age of 18 I found myself laughing so often and each time I did, I loved the characters evenI liked how Seth got along with his parents, how his relationship w

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    This book is completely absurdthough in a good way 14 year old Seth Parrot lives with his quirky family in Australia His dad begins a feud with a city inspector when he accidentally flicks manure which the family was using to line their walls on Mr Raven When Seth gets a crush on a muscular kickboxing girl, he finds that she is Raven s daughter In order to give his life some semblance of normalcy he is trying to

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    Seth Parrot is having a rough life His rather odd parents insist that building a house out of manure bricks is good for both insulation and the environment His brother Jack looks like a model and has tons of girlfriends Seth is going through an awkward phase, which is not going to help him attract a girlfriend with big muscles, something he finds very attractive Then Seth meets Miranda at the local rec center, where

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    FIRST IMPRESSION The title It got my curiosity in the first place But I kind of expected it to be a fantasy novel, so I was surprised to see it as a contemporary one I love the cover It s adorable.WRITING STYLE Oh my, I never laughed so much in a book Amazing writing style It seemed as if the author was funny even at moments he didn t realise he was A complete refreshment from many other YA fiction I ve read.PLOT There

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    Lighthearted and sweet, not to mention hilarious, this book takes place in a small Australian community where kooky characters abound and poor Seth, wannabe playwright, knows them all In fact, he s one of them Though I m no longer an awkward teenager, I could relate to Seth s discomfort with his first real life crush as opposed to his poster on the wall crush , the embarassment he feels for his family which directly contr

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    I never know what to make of YA novels The characters always seem so muchsophisticated and aware than I remember being Would I have been so observant, so sophisticated, so witty, so relatively calm in the usually fairly dramatic situations they find themselves in If these stories are meant to be models for behavior, they re probably doing a good job If not, I remain perplexed.I m Being Stalked by a Moonshadow is a pretty goo

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