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In The Land Of Birdfishes: A Novel This remarkable novel about mythmaking and survival opens in rural Nova Scotia, where two sisters witness the suicide of their wild, beautiful mother Their father, sick with grief, blindfolds the children to shield them from the misery of the world Left that way for years, they are each scarred in their own way Mara is rendered fully blind, and Aileen partly so When a neighbour discovers their condition, they are immediately separated for treatment, and it isn t until decades later, after Aileen s marriage has fallen apart, that she decides to seek out her lost sister She heads to Dawson City, Yukon, where Mara is said to be living, but instead finds Mara s angry young son, JasonSoon Aileen has insinuated her way into the hard drinking, hard living existence of Dawson City s residents, from whom she hears various conflicting stories about her sister When the novel shifts to Jason s perspective, the reader starts to understand the nature of these stories and the underlying secrets that compel their creationEngaging and deeply moving, In the Land of Birdfishes builds inevitably to a shocking and heartbreaking conclusion When I had eyes, I saw my sister s hair yellow , my mother s back, small rocks that the water took out and in from the shore with gasps of its deep ocean lungs I remember my own hands, how tiny they were beside my father s One day he put my hands in his and showed me how they disappeared, like that, inside his fist Both my hands gone I lost all this lost everything but slowly

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    A friend of mine who is also a Toronto native recently moved to Cape Breton and recommended this book to me written by a Cape Breton author.The book is only partly set in Cape Breton and mostly set in another small community Dawson City at the other end of our vast country of Canada.I loved it I love that Ms Silver Slayter is capturing the subtleties of small town Canadian life in lyrical and ima

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    I tried I couldn t It s her writing style I persisted but felt no connection to any of them, even the unfortunate sisters who should have had an intervention way before they did I m not much of a fan of works balanced between myth and reality so I tossed before frustration set in.1 5

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    Meh It was not what I anticipated.

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    Well I was intrigued by the premise of the book a father who blindfolds his twin daughters eyes after their mother s death, to protect them from the world and, ultimately, turning them blind but the premise was only the smallest seed of the novel to come The novel explores Aileen s search for her long lost twin, Mara The search takes her to Dawson City, where she meets Mara s son, Jason, and other members of th

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    Quite a good book that was told by the main characters in the book I quite enjoyed it, but found the ending a bit confusing and still pondering what it meant Thanks for a good read

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    Sad, weird and confusing I liked the Native American tales But it is not enough to recommend this book.

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    The first part was very captivating and emotional It set a clear and interesting context However throughout the book, new characters were introduced and I felt pressed to move to new contexts when I wasn t ready to do so that was a little bit confusing and distracting In regards to content, I really enjoyed the portrayal and narration of Indigenous stories and values I also applaud the author for ensuring clearly depicting ma

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    had to read this for book club Found it to be very confusing and did not like the ending at all The first third of the book was ok The rest of the book was disappointing and leavequestions than answers I would pass on this one if it was not for my book club.

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    A brilliant novel Mysterious, fascinating, well paced and exciting to read Clever, sophisticated, lots of intrigue, lots of colour.

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    I had been eyeing this book for a while because the concept of myth making and storytelling interests me The blurb described the story of two twin sisters, whose father goes crazy when their mother commits suicide and blindfolds them so that they can t see the evil in the world One of the sisters, Mara, becomes completely blind, while Aileen becomes partially blind Needless to say, every part of me was ready for this story I was sold.Slayte

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