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I don t walk past the house next door I wish the woman who lives in it was dead Which makes it hard because she was the one who came running when I screamed Kat Jones is woken by an Intruder looming over her bed She s saved by Edwina the neighbour Kat believes betrayed her dying mother Her dad issues an ultimatum Either spend nights next door, or accept another Intruder in her life Hercules, the world s ugliest guard dog It s a no brainer, even for dog phobic Kat When she meets adorkable Al at the dog park, finally Kat has someone to talk to, someone who caresBut the prowler isn t finished with Kat To stop him, she needs Edwina s help and what Kat learns could mend fences or break her fragile family apart forever Intruder

About the Author: Christine Bongers

Christine Bongers is a former radio and television journalist who is now happier writing fiction.Christine s latest YA novel Intruder won the 2015 Davitt Award for Best Debut Crime Book and was shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year for Older Readers Her debut novel Dust is a CBCA Notable Book for Older Readers and was Highly Commended in the Prime Minister s Literary Awards for Children s Fiction Her middle grade novel Henry Hoey Hobson was short listed for the CBCA Book of the Year for Younger Readers, the Qld Premier s Literary Awards and the WA Premier s Book Awards Drongoes for newly independent readers is published by Scholastic.She lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband, kids, and a very bad beaglish fur boy called Huggy.

10 thoughts on “Intruder

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    Once I started on Intruder, I couldn t put it down I was drawn in by Christine Bongers brilliant writing, complex characters, wry humour and page turning plot It s another dose of quality Aussie YA another story with that unique local flavour that

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    A multi faceted story, with much to enjoy I loved it most because it is just so real I got goose bumps at page 3 They stayed til page 5 Later I snort laughed, and later again I cried Many times, I was caught unawares If you ve ever held a painful trut

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    Don t expect any objectivity I loved this It s grounded in a reality that is genuinely Australian Kat s snarky behaviour is both selfish and sympathetic Al is fabulous, as are all the secondary characters.Terrific.Updated 24 June 2014 So Megan made me wr

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    Some stories start in dark places and, prompted by the question What if emerge slowly into the light This story started when my daughter was woken by a man standing over her bed She was eleven years old.We were lucky The prowler ran off when she challenged

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    Ugh Okay I had heard really great things about this book and when I read the blurb I was interested because it seemed quite mysterious..I was disappointed massively I don t even know how else to put it.I don t really know how to review this because of the outc

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    Kat Jones is fourteen, about to turn fifteen It s Christmas Eve and her dad Jimmy is out working Since her mother died of cancer three years earlier, Kat kept to herself She and her father had that pact, so they would stay together That changed when an intruder s

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    How would it feel to wake up with an intruder in your room, standing above your bed This is, in fact, a situation that author Christine Bongers and her family experienced one night The rest of us can be glad that this frightening event has not caused long term harm

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    Couldn t put this novel down Great start, good ending and the thing I love most in a story set ups and pay offs Yah Kat is plagued not only by an intruder but by the death of her mother, the hours her father Jimmy works, the proximity of the treacherous next door neigh

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    I ripped through this one like a dog on steroids at an agility trial Terrific Gutsy, three dimensional characters displaying equal parts humility, vulnerability, and bravado while tossing around some cracker one liners people this teenage angsty tale about losing and find

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    A young girl struggling with loss, loneliness and betrayal To top it off, an intruder decides he wantsthan one go at her.I loved this book I raced to finish it to find out what happens, but at the same time, I didn t want it to end I laughed, tensed and cried When I finally

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