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Kidnapped on Safari The Third Book In The Mbuno Pero Series Pulls Terror From Headlines To Create A Gripping International Thriller For Readers Of John Le Carr , Daniel Silva, And Iris Johansen Expert Safari Guide Mbuno And Wildlife Television Producer Pero Baltazar Are Filming On Lake Rudolf In Northern Kenya, East Africa, When They Receive News That Mbuno S Son, Himself An Expert Guide, Has Been Kidnapped While On A Safari Five Hundred Miles Away In Tanzania After Gathering The Clues And Resources Needed To Trek Through The Wilderness, They Trace The Kidnappers Back To An Illegal Logging Operation Clear Cutting National Park Forests, Manned By Sinister Boko Haram Mercenaries There, They Find Not Only Mbuno S Son But Also A Shocking Revelation That Has Terrifying And Far Reaching Consequences Relying On Mbuno S Legendary Bush Skills, The Pair Must Overcome The Danger Both From Inside And Outside The Camp To Bring Mbuno S Son Out Alive In Doing So, Mbuno And Pero Discover That Kidnapping And Deforestation Are Only The Beginning Of The Terrorist Group S Aspirations, And They Realize A Threat That Would Herald An Even Dangerous Outcome For Tanzania A Coup A Rescue Might Just Risk The Entire Stability Of The Region Exciting And Expertly Plotted Using Facts Ripped From News Headlines, Kidnapped On Safari Is A Gripping, Edge Of Your Seat Thriller Set In Deepest, Darkest, Machiavellian, East Africa

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    Special thanks to NetGalley and Skyhorse Publishing for Kidnapped On Safari, a book of gripping, non stop action The setting, both in Kenya and Tanzania seemed authentic, and I was pleased with the inclusion of a map depicting the various locations I felt that these areas were well known to the author This is the third book in the Mbuno Pero series The book works as a stand alone but reflects back occasionally to

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    An espionage story with an African setting.While minding his own business, a guy who produces nature films is called in to rescue a guy who was kidnapped by mysterious people during a safari Turns out our producer is a not so former CIA agent He and a team including a guy who is what they used to call a Noble Savage stereotype, rescues the guy, only to learn the abduction is the tip of the iceberg.Not bad The authentic Afr

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    Peter Riva s Kidnapped on Safari is his third book highlighting his two heroes, Mbuno an African hunting guide, tribal elder, and close friend and Pero Baltazar a producer of African wildlife films and former CIA agent Riva has traveled widely and often in Africa, and his experience is quite evident in the way he describes the landscape, the animals, the climate, the politics, and the culture In this story, most of which takes place

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    This is the third book in the series but it is my first and read perfectly well as a standalone book.Mbuno an expert safari guide and Peru an American wildlife television producer who works undercover for the CIA, are filming in Northern Kenya when they hear that Mbuno s adopted son nephew Ube has been kidnapped while he was working as a safari guide in Tanzania There is no hesitation as they set off to find the young man and rescue him.This

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    Kidnapped on Safari is the third book in Mbuno Pero series It can be read as a standalone but there are multiple references to the duo s previous adventures The writing seemed off at places the conversations were difficult to follow at times Also, the story is descriptive The emotions of the characters are explained in detail which, in my opinion, isn t necessary The second half is where all the action lies but at the same time, it seems a tad dragged

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    This is my first book introduction to this series You know how the saying goes first impressions are very important Well, you can say that I hit it off very nicely with this book I enjoyed it so much that I want to go back and read the first two novels Instantly, I was transported to the landscape of East Africa Mbuno and Pero are both engaging characters Yet, they are not the only engaging characters All of the rest of the characters are just as enjoyable Betwe

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    A clever and entertaining novel in an exotic setting whatfo you want Few books set in Africa give such a detailed description of settings and language as this one, due to the extensive experience of the author in the field mainly as a documentary producer With an interesting plot and clearly described and motivated characters, this book betrays a writer very well at home in his craft The plot is clearly born out of the interest in and concern with Afrika and its future.

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    Read my full review here on Safari is number three in the Mbuno and Pero thriller series The books primarily take place in East Africa I began Kidnapped on Safari with a great deal of anticipation After all, I d been on safari I d read the 1 Ladies Detective Agency books I d been chased by an elephant mother protecting her baby In many ways, the photo safari descriptions met my expectations, and the plot was definitelythan I expecte Read my full review here on Safari is number thre

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    Mbuno is an expert safari guide and Pero is a wildlife television producer They are presently filming wildlife hunting on Lake Rudolph in Nigeria After a successful filming day, Mbuno receives word that his nephew, Ubo, has been kidnapped in Tanzania Ubo s past is troubled as his father was involved in some illegal business and died during that conflict.This is an expose of a realistic news story, the capture of young girls by Boko Harem The group is involved in running a lumber mill where f

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    People select a book for a variety of reasons, mine being, I was aware Peter Riva s done documentaries and soon learned this book was the third book in the Mbuno Pero series.What I love most about this read is the Riva gives us a map and uses his gift of prose to recreate a situation This is is an impressive thriller I m transported to a mysterious place that feels authentic and I lose myself in the scene and language.A group including protagonist Mbuno and Pero are along the shore of Lake Rud People

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