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Kin Rue Silver s mother has disappeared and her father has been arrested, suspected of killing her But it s not as straightforward as that Because Rue is a faerie, like her mother was And her father didn t kill her mother instead, he broke a promise to Rue s faerie king grandfather, which caused Rue s mother to be flung back to the faerie world Now Rue must go to save her and must also defeat a dark faerie that threatens our very mortal world

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    Okay so The Cruel Prince NEEDS to be a graphic novel I m new to graphic novels but I turned to them while in a huge reading slump and I m glad I did I found this little gem randomly at my library, excitedly snatching a Holly Black something, I didn t care what as long as it was Holly Black, off the shelf And now I m kicking myself for not also grabbing books 2 a

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    Rue s mother has always been a little different She talks to plants, hangs out naked in the yard and seems ageless Rue knows her mother is not like other parents But then, one day when her mom disappears, Rue begins to see strange things creatures with horns in the coffee shop, a winged girl hanging out in the high school hallway and she realizes that she s diffe

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    So I ve only read one Holly Black book which was The Cruel Prince Also, I don t read graphic novels or any comic books really since I was like nine, and even then it was only the Archie comics So I didn t know how I was going to feel about it.First, the pictures were great Seriously loved the illustrations The graphic novel overall felt a bit lacking, but that may

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    My experience with reading Holly Black has been mixed My first foray into her work was with the Modern Faerie Tale series I sadly wasn t terribly fond of them In grad school, I devoured her Curse Worker trilogy on audio and absolutely loved it Unfortunately, my reading experience with The Good Neighbors wasakin to when I first read her The first problem is the tire

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    Why can t finding out you re half faery ever be a good thing This angst fuelled yarn starts depressingly with a disappearance and a murder charge It pretty much just gets progressively darker with little to no character development The illustrations aren t good enough to save it Its pretty and awful.

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    This was an interesting story, but I kind of hate this art style so idk if I m going to continue it.

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    This book is not that good to be honest, a lot of stuff does not make any sense and got me confused Well is her dad is a killer Is she crazy and her mom is I don t recommend you to read this book because it like you in a maze and you can t get out of it.

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    3 5 stars This is basically just Tithe but I am very excited to see what romance I m sure Holly stirs up.

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    A teenage girl finds out she is part Faery Sound familiar That s because it has occurred in scores of YA fantasies, including earlier works by this same author As a story, this is fine, but all the elements were too familiar to me from previous reading Turning it into a graphic novel is a somewhat novel approach, but I wasn t that impressed by the execution of the artwo

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    Rue Silver s mother has just disappeared, her father has been arrested under suspicion of killing one of his graduate students Things get worse when Rue starts seeing things that shouldn t be there strange people with animal heads and vines that cover whole buildings overnight You see, Rue s mother is a faerie, and Rue s father broke a promise that he made to the faerie

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