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Kiss of the Night Special Task Force agent Alexei Night has been in lust with Interstellar Council Representative Briana Michaels ever since the first time he saw her on the vid comm But their lives are worlds apart He s a vampire She s not There s no possibility of a relationship between them Yet he still dreams of herWhen Briana s unpopular position supporting vampiric rights threatens her family, Alex leaps at the chance to protect her and be with her It s a two week journey to her homeworld, and he ll spend it making love with the woman he can t keep, trying to get enough of her to last an eternity Their erotic connection is easily established but their bond doesn t overshadow the danger surrounding BrianaA hopeless romance with a woman whose mortal life is threatened Things can t get any worse for Alex And then somehowthey do

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    This was a well done shorter type read I really liked both of the characters Love scenes were awesome in a passionate sense and not over the top erotica Alex was romantic, possessive, and protectiveand very yummy Bree was a great female leadshe didn t do the whole doubting the hero thing She didn t believe that Alex had betrayed her That is so refreshing Enjoyed thisthan Carnal

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    Lots of sexytimes, two MCs who are hiding secrets of their own and a assassination plot that changed their lives Alex Night is a hunky vamp, a tough agent posing as a smuggler criminal and a romantic He falls deeply in love with Bree Michaels, a human, politician and a woman who happens to love romance stories She hired him to transport her to her home planet but of course lots of

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    Just couldn t like this one I finished, but sometimes it felt like I read it, but what did I read

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    3 Stars

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    I am not really into vampire erotica but I did like this one I also thought it was better than the first part You could get away with reading this first as it is a completely different story.

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    very well written characters for such a short story

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    I really enjoyed this book I know, I m so late to the party I think I liked the first one just a little bitbut anyhow I found it entertaned and so loving.As well as with the other one I would of liked just a little fight scene somewhere.I just loved the characters a lot.The sotry as a whole I though maybe it would had worked better if it was a little bit longer page wise but the rest was great

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    While I loved the first book in the series , this book was just IT for me Alexei and Briana were intense, and steamier than what I thought was even possible They were a couple that I enjoyed reading about every second of the book, and I only wish there wasto read.

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    YumThe carnal scenes were a major delight The story was short but well written I will readfrom this authoress.

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    Very EnjoyableLoved this book, a quick read that held my attention through the entire plot A different take on a vampire romance Sylvia Day does it again, love her books.

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