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KoraKa: Novella with "Mira-Mare" I liked Kora and Ka but LOVED Mira Mare. H.D s novellas are short and rich in imaginary their cultural and theological implications connect with her Freudian interpretation at the time that resembles Joyce s epiphany and Woolf s moments of being. Weird bisexual psychoanalytic shit as per usual H.D is so important to my queer femme existence. Written by HD inand only published in acopy edition for friends in , Kora and Ka marked a new level of intensity in the poet s experiments with prose fiction The two long stories contained in this volume, Kora and Ka and Mira Mare, are at once profoundly autobiographical yet, through HD s unusual brand of modernist story telling, pushed beyond personality The men and women who haunt these tales are wraiths in spiritual exile, wanderers in a Europe still recovering from the devastations of World War I Her descriptions of the beaches at Monte Carlo are triumphs of vivid detail bright watercolors set against brooding psychological portraits In its exploration of the broken dualities of self and civilization, Kora and Ka looks forward to HD s masterpieces, Tribute to Freud and Trilogy

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About the Author: H.D.

An innovative modernist writer, Hilda Doolittle 1886 1961 wrote under her initials in a career that stretched from 1909 to 1961 Although she is most well known for her poetry lyric and epic H.D also wrote novels, memoirs, short stories, essays, reviews, a children s book, and translations An American woman who lived her adult life abroad, H.D was engaged in the formalist experimentation that preoccupied much of her generation A range of thematic concerns resonates through her writing the role of the poet, the civilian representation of war, material and mythologized ancient cultures, the role of national and colonial identity, lesbian and queer sexuality, and religion and spirituality.

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