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The Devil's Kiss Dumating sa Paso de Blas si Emerald upang sa unang pagkakataon ay makatagpo si Leon Fortalejo, ang lolo niya At upang linisin ang pangalan ng daddy niya Subalit sa unang araw pa lang ay sa mga kamay na ng kaaway siya bumagsak, kay Marco de SilvaAt eh, ano, kung si Marco ay may pinaka seksing ngiti na nakita niya At eh, ano rin kung masarap at mahusay itong humalik Isa pa rin itong kaaway at gusto nitong pagbayarin siya sa kasalanan ng daddy niya

About the Author: Martha Cecilia

Martha Cecilia is a bestselling Filipino romance novelist who writes for Precious Pages Corporation Many of her books have been adapted on TV including Impostor and her highly acclaimed, Kristine Series.

10 thoughts on “The Devil's Kiss

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    I started reading KS when i was in High School, it was introduced to me by my Classmate and that was the series 44 and 45 and from then i cant stop myself from collecting all the series I love KS sooo much

  2. says:

    guys help naman..paano koababasa to dito ej puro summary lng to..plshelp.

  3. says:

    Omg What did I just read It s so far from the adaptation I ve watched on TV Those bed scenes are not romantic I won t even call them bed scenes It s kinda close to rape The whole thing is just stupid Sorry for the brutal review.

  4. says:

    it is beatiful to read the martha cecila novels.

  5. says:

    I reaally wanna read.

  6. says:

    Very good

  7. says:

    its very nice

  8. says:

    Ms MC is by far one of my favorite local writers I m always inspired to use straight, deep vernaculars on a daily basis So much irony for this review though.

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    Pls teach me how to read the whole story

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    i always like a story with a rich,handsome and arrogant male plus a weak girl as a protagonist on a story.i dont know why well,maybe i just want to be that girl.fantasizing hmmm.yes.cause in reality there s a rare situation that a rich man will fall in love in a weak or poor girl especially if the girl is not physically,i really like this book and of course its martha ce

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