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LARRIKIN YAKKA Continues Paul Freeman S Lauded Photographic Journey, The Second In This New Series, With A Signature Array Of Enthralling And Sensual Art Nude Stories Of Men In Gritty And Evocative Landscapes Larrikin Yakka

About the Author: Paul Freeman

Best known for his series of photographic monographs on the nude male, Paul Freeman s nude portraits of sports stars, Olympians and actors appeared between 1995 and 2005 in Studio Magazines not only Black And White , not only Sport and Blue , and in their books The Sydney Dream 2000 , The Athen s Dream 2004 , and Sportbook 2003 In 1996 Paul wrote the best selling biography of footballer Ian Roberts, Ian Roberts Finding Out , Random House 1997.His first monograph, Bondi Classic , was published to critical acclaim in 2003, and was followed by Bondi Urban 2005 , Bondi Work 2006 and Bondi Road 2007 This best selling series, which takes its name from Sydney s most iconic suburban beach, observes the contemporary young Australian urban male at home, at work and at play.Equally successful has been Paul s Outback series, which uses the Australian bush and its changing moods to explore Paul s male aesthetic, and to style and weather his subjects, varying thematic focus in each of Outback 2008 , Outback Currawong Creek 2009 , Outback Brumby 2010 , and Outback Bushmen 2012 Outback Dusk has just been released.His 2011 and 2013 books Heroics and Heroics II are an exploration of the neo classic nude male referencing sculpture and painting in Western European art, and even surrealist film interpretations This work comments on attitudes to the naked male in public and art by juxtaposing our collective artistic heritage with contemporary reality and male physiques.Many of Paul s books are available from.Paul has made his mark in fashion and advertising, with international awards, from Cannes Lions to Clios, to his name.He has a university degree in Arts, and studied photography at the Australian Centre For Photography in Sydney.The New York Times art critic Robert Hughes featured Paul s work in his 2000 documentary series Australia Beyond The Fatal Shore.Please go to paulfreeman.com.au forinformation.

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