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Legally Blonde Reading Legally Blonde By Amanda Brown Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Elle Wood, University Of Southern California Sorority President And Sociopolitical Jewelry Design Major, Is Blonde, Spoiled, Creative And Desperately In Love With Her College Sweetheart, Warner Huntingdon III But When Warner Announces He S Off To Stanford Law School, And That While There He Aims To Find A Girl Serious Than Elle To Be His Wife, Elle And Underdog, Her Pet Bichon Frise, Hatch A Plan To Follow Him So That He Will Marry Her Like He S Supposed To Do Elle S Stanford Misadventures Are Distinctly Unpromising From The Outset, And It Seems That The One Place Where Blondes Definitely Don T Have Fun Is Law School But Then She S Made An Intern On The Murder Of Malibu Case, Defending One Time Fitness Queen And Apricot Blonde Brooke Vandermark From The Charge Of Murdering Her Billionaire Husband In A Courtroom Triumph, Elle Vindicates Brooke And All Who Are Blonde At Heart With A Tip Any Cosmo Girl Should Know. Damn, this book was lame And I kind of knew that going into it as I have read something previous from the same author and I didn t like it much either But since I liked the movie a lot, I thought I would give the book a whirl But I am confused The copyright date in this book wasn t until like 2003 or 4 and the movie came out in 2001 So which came first, the book or movie Also, I have seen the movie about 600 times and actually pay attention to the opening credits and as far as I can remember right now, it never says based on a book by or adapted from or whatever So what is the point of this awful book I have no idea Instead of Harvard, it takes place at Stanford Elle actually makes a friend in class, but she only seems to be in the book for a few chapters and then disappears The case she wins at the end is exactly the same Some names stay exactly the same and some are changed completely And the character of Elle, you did not like at all, not like Legally Blonde is a funny novel that breaks rude stereotypes about the ditzy blonde bimbo , but many of the characters just come off as very annoying even at the best of times. Apparently I m in the minority but I actually like the book It s nice to see that Elle was originally pictured as someone who was aware of her inherent intelligence and was just somewhat ditzy, as opposed to the movie where it seemed like she was sweet than naturally intelligent Certainly, this alternate potrayal of her has its downsides and she is decidedly less nice in this version than she was in the movie one of my favorite scenes in the movie is where she helps out the awkward, nerdy guy when the girl he was trying to ask out was making fun of him and this scene was definitely not in the book On the other hand, it was nice to see her stand up for herself against Sarah a.k.a Vivian when she was being picked on.I also found myself with mixed feelings about Emmett Specifically, how there isn t an Emmett in the book in other words, no romantic interest She spends the book convinced she and Warren will get back together almost until the end On the one hand, I missed the romantic interest, especially since I always liked the character of Emmett both in the movie and the musical On the other hand, I always thought it was slightly insulting to Elle and her Blonde Girl Power message that she followed one guy to college and then almost instantly hooked up with another one, even if he was a much nicer guy.In case it isn t obvious at this point, all of the changes had their good and bad points for me, and I have a hard time saying, I like the book better becaus Homecoming Queen and sorority president Elle Woods heads to Stanford Law School in order win back her ex, Warren.The movie took this book and improved it all around In the movie, Elle realizes early in the school year that Warren is a bonehead, and she takes it upon herself to show him and everyone else that she s just as good as the rest of them In the book, Elle waffles with her feelings until the very end of the high profile murder trial, barely studies, and gets through school mostly on luck The book is bloated with extra characters, a secret admirer, and side stories of her family and friends back home which is so close to Stanford vs Harvard in the film that she visits it several times Vivian is renamed Susan I m sorry to say that Legally Blonde is one of the few examples of the movie being better than the book I was extremely disappointed and rather sorry I had bought the book by the time I finished it, especially considering how long I had been looking for it I had to make myself finish the book, although I will say it got somewhat better during the last 100 pages I found Amanda Brown s writing style to be rather dull and her syntax is confusing at best The cover promised that the book is hilarious, but the attempts at humor fall short The scenes that I think were meant to be funny were really just pointless they did nothing to further the story or reveal about the characters, and worst of all, they weren t even funny The characterization is okay, but to be honest, I didn t find any of the characters to be that likable Even Elle is much likable in the movie That said, I see from the other reviews that quite a few people do like it, so I will Review to follow.Having seen the movie I always kind of wanted to read the book.While it is cute and mostly like the movie, the fun magical feeling is not present I think honestly that is because Reese Witherspoon made Elle Woods come alive I just sort of skimmed the book and it fell sort of flat for me It is very short an This was an quick read, but my enjoyment was seriously dampened because the writing style did not gel right with me And there s a lot of cattiness. Fantastic narrator I can just see Reese Witherspoon s happy voice shining through Though not reviewing the movie, I did enjoy it so much than the book It lacked any type of oomph, and I m afraid I was constantly waiting for something to happen, there was no spark to be felt or heard The basis of the character came through, but the quirky Elle Woods that I knew was lost in the court room scenes Yes Warner was a cad, but he didn t get served his cummupence in quite the style I would have hoped The issue here was Elle scored an internship dodgy to assist on the defence of a young blonde widower on trial for her rich husband s murder cliche, even for Elle She devised a Blonde Legal Defence Team and so it goes The author wrote this based on her time at Law School, I m wondering what she got This is one of the worst novels I ve read willingly as an adult I can t believe it was written by a Stanford law grad I post this as a public service to anyone who thinks that maybe the novel would have the silly, witty charm of the first movie withou

About the Author: Amanda Brown

There is than one author with this nameBorn to parents who were both successful lawyers, Amanda graduated from Arizona State University in 1993 She then proceeded to study at Stanford Law School, where she compiled funny letters and stories based on her experiences into a first manuscript that would become Legally Blonde.Since the success of the 2001 movie, she has released her second book,

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