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Lemurian Seeds From The Author Of Edgar Cayce S Sacred Stones Edgar Cayce S Guide To Gemstones, Minerals, Metals More A Revolutionary Look At The Ancient Lemurian Civilization And How Advanced And Benevolent Beings Left Messages For Humanity In Crystals Could The Lemurian Seeds Contain Vital Information To Assist The Human Race Learn To Unlock The Wisdom Within The Crystals, And Discover Why This Is So Important At This Time Visit Shelley Online Wwwstlifelady

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    Short, sweet, and at the time it came out, very new and interesting information The amazing beauty I got from this read was that my former partner who died in 2013 had underlined important parts for her within the book and left a photograph of us I can t remember ever seeing, in the book She believed her reason for coming to New Zealand from Switzerland was to come home t

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    This has got to be the weirdest book I ve ever read Sadly enough it isn t fiction People actually think that crystals are seeds of information from a long lost race of lemur like creatures that predate humans.

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    Interweaving information personal storyInformative Great story Nice and easy read with a few hidden gems of information Woven through out the book, creating information that s accessible with a story people can relate with.

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    An earnest exposition about crystals and Lemuria from the tradition of Edgar Casey however, not convincing to the non believer in that system.

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    Very basic not what I thought it would be.

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