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Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me Paano mo malalaman kung hindi ka magtatanong Pero andami dami nating nalalaman kahit hindi tayo nagtatanong Paano ka pa magtatanong kung alam mo na ang sagot Pero paano ka magtatanong kung hindi mo alam kung ano ang iyong itatanong Paano mo sasagutin ang tanong sa iyo kung hindi mo alam ang isasagot Paano ka sasagot kung hindi mo alam ang tanong Kunsabagay, sa buhay na ito, madalas, tama ang sagot, mali nga lang ang tanong Si Intoy, sa kauna unahang pagkakataon, parang natuto na yatang magmahal pero hindi tiyak kung minahal ba sya o kinailangan Sa kauna unahang pagkakataon, parang Math problems, tama ang sagot, hindi nga lang maipakita na tama ang solutionNarito, ang isang nobelang may asim ng romansa, pait ng pagkabigo, tamis ng ligaya alat ng pamumuna at anghang ng kaastigan Handa ka na ba

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    My review after rereading the book in 2014I reread this book because Professor Eros S Atalia will be our guest in our book club, Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books on January 10, 2015 This book won over his other works like Tatlong Gabi, Tatlong Araw 2 stars ,

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    A love, erotic Filipino love story which is easy to read, and comprehend Ligo na U, Lapit na Me means Take a Bath, I m near That s what horny lovers text each other when they re about to go home from a long, tiring day.Intoy, a typical, young college student, meets Jen, a drop dead gorgeous school figure and soon became friends with benefits and perks They are having sex every lunch bre

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    I wouldn t normally buy this from a book shop, but since the club that I m a member in will be meeting the author next week, and I m a book hoarder myself, GAME Hmm. Well, di ko siya masyadong nagustuhan.At first, I have no idea what the book is about But as I read through other people s comments, I was like, Ahh. Yun pala yun Intoy, the lead character, is in love with his best friend, J

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    This is about Karl Vladimir Lennon J Villalobos, aka Intoy, a graduating college student He met the most beautiful transferee in his school who befriended Intoy until they ended up being friends with benefits and perks a sexual relationship without commitments As the friendship builds, when Intoy was into saying that he had fallen in love with her, Jen confessed that she was pregnant but

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    read these guys and challenge urself into real love erotic pinoy storyeros convince us to know and lern wat is real love and its consequences.

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    I m still going to write a review in English even though this is a Filipino novel because I am not that good in writing in Tagalog Philippine language I don t really read Filipino novels that much because I m not good in understanding and reading Tagalog Honestly, I m better at speaking, understanding, and writing in English rather than Tagalog I just got used to it that way but it doesn t

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    I don t really read books from Filipino writers but I read Bob Ong s , this book was recommended to me by a college friend And since I didn t have my full attention to this book, I didn t read everything written in it Well, it was purely green referring to what s written in there And the humor, I liked it but I don t really think it does fit my standards regarding about the books that I read

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    Challenges Book 95 for 2011 Book 61 for Off the ShelfChallenges Book 95 for 2011 Book 61 for Off the Shelf

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    ok naman yung book, medyo funny but most of the time, korni haha yung mga banat I think old school na kung babasahin ninyo siya ngayong 2017 Medyo mauumay ka kay intoy kasi dameng sabe sa buhay, haha anyway still an enjoyable read but definitely not exceptional You can watch my youtube channel for my quick read of this book mixed with funny re enactment See ya there ok naman yung book, medyo f

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