Logic Pro X 10.4 - Apple Pro Training Series: Professional

Logic Pro X 10.4 - Apple Pro Training Series: Professional Music Production: David Nahmani: 9780135244760: Amazon.com: Books Record, arrange, mix, produce, and polish your audio files with this best selling, Apple certified guide to Logic Pro XVeteran producer and composer David Nahmani uses step bystep, project based instructions and straightforward explanations to teach everything from basic music creation to sophisticated production techniquesUsing the books downloadable lesson files and Logic Pro X, youll begin making music in the first lesson From there, learn to record audio and MIDI data, create and edit sequences, and master mixing and automation techniques such as submixing with track stacks Create both acoustic and electronic virtual drum performances using Drummer tracks with Drum Kit Designer and Drum Machine Designer Use Logic Pro X MIDI FX and Smart Controls to control software synthesizers from a MIDI controller or an iPadHarness the power of Smart Tempo to make sure all recordings, imported audio files, and samples play in time Flex Time allows you to precisely edit the timing of notes inside an audio recording, and youll explore Flex Pitch to correct the pitch of a vocal recording Finally, you mix, automate, and master the song, using plug ins to process only selected sections or entire tracks, giving your audio creations the final polish needed to achieve a professional soundDownloadable lesson and media files allow you to perform the hands on exercises Focused lessons take you step by step through practical, real world tasks Accessible writing style puts an expert instructor at your side Ample illustrations help you master techniques fast Lesson goals and time estimates help you plan your time Chapter review questions summarize what youve learned and help you prepare for the Apple certification exam

About the Author: David Nahmani

David Nahmaniis the founder of LogicProHelp.com, thelargest online community of Logic users As an expert Logic Pro consultant and teacher, he has worked for Steve Porcaro Toto, Michael Jackson , Toby Gad Beyonc, Alicia Keys , Coco Morier Britney Spears, Selena Gomez , James Valentine Maroon 5 , Mark Pontius Foster the People , the Record Plant in Los Angeles, the Winter Music Conference in Miami, the Grammy foundation, ASCAP, Apple, and many David wrote and produced songs published by Cleopatra records, Metropolis records, MTV, and Decca BMG He coproduced a song on the last Pop Will Eat Itself album and engineered three classical albums for the Bernard Calmel orchestra in Paris, France.

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