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Lord Of Lyonsbridge by Ana Seymour released on Jun ,is available now for purchase Lord of Lyonsbridge

About the Author: Ana Seymour

Ana Seymour s romantic adventures have been published in 11 languages and sold in over 20 countries Minnesota native Ana Seymour lives in the country near one of her state s fifteen thousand lakes She was recently named Midwest Fiction Writer of the Year.

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    Ellen Wakelin arrives from Normandy ready to put her father s Saxon property in order The horse master, Connor Brand, continually disconcerts her and her attempts to put down the Saxon ways As the son of the former owner of the keep, Connor is trying hard to help his people, but Ellen is an unwelcome distraction When events conspi

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here It is hard to imagine one day your family being the Lord of the castle and then a war where others come in and take it all away As the Norman s took away Lyonsbridge from the Brand s Including killing the parents and one son.There are two remaining brothe

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    England 1130, Connor the former Saxon Lord of Lyonsbridge is now the horsemaster on the estate as the new Normon owners take control of the estate Connor has made a death bed promise to his father and mother to take care of the people of the estate and to keep the peace However he finds it hard to even keep his head around the new mistr

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