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On a cold January morning Susan leaves her husband alone for a few minutes and returns to find him gone Suffering from dementia, no longer able to dress or feed or wash himself, he has wandered alone into a frigid landscape with no sense of home or direction LostOver the course of one weekend, the massive search for her husband brings Susan together with Jeff, a search and rescue expert and social worker preoccupied with his young wife s betrayal In Jeff s care is Corey, a mute eleven year old boy who has been abandoned by his family after accidentally setting a tragic fire As the temperature drops and the search and rescue effort threatens to become one of search and recovery, they each confront haunting memories and difficult choices that will have an unexpected impact on their collective futureFrom the intersection of these three lives emerges an arresting portrait of the shifting terrain of marriage and the devastating effects of physical and psychological damage Written in spare, beautiful prose, Lost explores the lengths we will go to take care of someone, and the ways in which responsibility, love, and sorrow can bind people together Lost

About the Author: Alice Lichtenstein

Alice Lichtenstein graduated from Brown University and received her MFA from Boston University She has received a New York Foundation of the Arts Grant in Fiction, the Barbara Demming Memorial Award for Fiction and has twice been a fellow at the MacDowell Colony.Alice s new novel, THE CRIME OF BEING, forthcoming from Upper Hand Press, November 2019, has already been called A brilliant, riveting, and emotionally charged story about the crime of black life Jallicia Jolly, UM Her first novel, THE GENIUS OF THE WORLD Zoland Books, 2000 , recieved favorable reviews, most notably in The New York Times Book Review and on National Public Radio.PEOPLE Magazine called Alice s second novel, LOST, Scribner, 2010 , a great read and NPR said, LOST is a novel that delivers much reading pleasure LOST was a long list Finalist for the2011 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.Lichtenstein s short stories have appeared in several literary journals Most recently, Revision, in Narrative Magazine Fall 2018 Dead Friends in Post Road Winter, 2010 and White Ladies in Short Story Spring, 2010 These stories were nominated for Pushcart Prize Awards.Alice lives in Oneonta, New York, where she teaches fiction writing at Hartwick College, and in Surry, Maine.

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    This is not a new release and reviews from years ago are all over the place rating wise I however, found this book to be true to life, insightful, emotional and honestly wri

  2. says:

    I just finished reading Alice Lichtenstein s novel, Lost, in one sitting This story about three strangers whose lives intersect after a man with Alzheimer s disappears one frig

  3. says:

    In the beginning when Susan was taking care of her husband who had dementia , I could empathize with Susan After her husband goes missing, though, Susan s thoughts feelings are no

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    I really don t know what was missing for me in this book Perhaps it is just the topic, I have struggled with books about dementia and Alzheimers before The writing really is very goo

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    Premise of the book sounded intriguingwoman s husband with Alzheimer s is lost and that is the basis for a bunch of lost people to come into contact the search and rescue leader, the wi

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    Lost, by Alice Lichtenstein, is a beautiful, literary, and poetic book that will appeal to anyone who has loved someone with Alzheimer s or lost someone that they love Christopher, sufferi

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    It s a spare but punishing story of what arises from the most wearying, grief torn ordeals we might be so unfortunate to have to deal with Susan s husband, suffering from end stage dementia,

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    What a wonderful book A beautifully written story of loss, redemption, the search for ourselves and others and what we find along the way Alice is a gifted writer who was able to capture the emp

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    3.5 stars.

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    I had a difficult time with this book, as it was really just one disturbing scene after another, many of them ridiculously unbelievable I mean, would a middle aged professional woman really squat and

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