Mok Yuna's Honeymoon Vol. 1 PDF ¿ Yuna's Honeymoon

Mok Yuna's Honeymoon Vol. 1 Mok Yuna s mother is the owner of the family Dojang martial arts place and she s strong as ever Even the strong Yuna s beaten up easily by her merciless mother After having her older sister Nan Ah suffer due to an engaged marriage planned by her mother read the prequel Moknanahui Honeymoon Diary , she s now to marry a Japanese gangster Ryu Sein, her best friend, will save her oh yes he will but will he be successful is the true question From Bamboo Garden

About the Author: Yu-Rang Han

Genres Manhwa 65 Romance 48 Comedy 30 School Life 16 Drama 10 Supernatural 5 Gender Bender 4 Slice of Life 4 Action 3 Tragedy 2 Psychological 1 Fantasy 1 Sports 1 Martial Arts 1

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