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Mortal Coils Aldous Huxley , the world famous author of BRAVE NEW WORLD, was one of the great literary visionaries of the th century The grandson of Thomas H, Huxley Darwin s famous defender , he was born in England and educated at Eton and Oxford He traveled widely in his youth and lived in Italy for a while in the s He began his literary career with poetry and critical essays, then turned to novels Having been born just too late to participate in World War I, he was able, in his early works, such as CROME YELLOW, ANTIC HAY, THOSE BARREN LEAVES, and POINT COUNTER POINT, to perfectly capture a sense of purposeless aftermath which resonated strongly in British society at the time A satirical strain already evident manifested itself spectacularly in BRAVE NEW WORLD, after which much of his work began to show a fantastic or speculative cast, including AFTER MANY A SUMMER DIES THE SWAN about immortality,, TIMES MUST HAVE A STOP, and APE AND ESSENCE a dystopia,ISLAND, his last work, published in , is a utopia Late in life he developed an increasing disdain for Western society and an interest in Eastern mysticism and in the possibilities of psychedelic drugs, which he described in THE DOORS OF PERCEPTIONMORTAL COILS is a short story collection from Huxley s early period, including one of his most popular stories, The Gioconda Smile

About the Author: Aldous Huxley

Aldous Leonard Huxley was an English writer and one of the most prominent members of the famous Huxley family He spent the latter part of his life in the United States, living in Los Angeles from 1937 until his death in 1963 Best known for his novels and wide ranging output of essays, he also published short stories, poetry, travel writing, and film stories and scripts Through his novels and essays Huxley functioned as an examiner and sometimes critic of social s, norms and ideals Huxley was a humanist but was also interested towards the end of his life in spiritual subjects such as parapsychology and philosophical mysticism By the end of his life, Huxley was widely acknowledged as one of the pre eminent intellectuals of his time.

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    Huxley is a writer who knows acid, and these five short stories have it abundantly I have rated them out of 5 g s of acid This is not a measure of meritand it s the wrong kind of acid butThe Gioconda Smile g g g heavy with irony, and later made into a movie, Huxley the screenwriter Huxley is hilarious in his descriptions What a queer face she had That small mouth p

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    For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,When we have shuffled off this mortal coilHamletWilliam Shakespeare Aldous Huxley was a master of subtle irony But he was capable to make his irony so exquisite and venomous that he could kill with a single phrase.Photographs of Greek statuary, photographs of the Roman Forum, coloured prints of Italian masterpieces, all very

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    After reading Huxley s Crome Yellow, Mortal Coils followed in my Kindle edition If interested look up my Huxley shelf to see that edition which has my highlights there.I had mentioned this in my review of Crome Yellow and it applies to these short stories also After reading Mortal Coils and Crome Yellow I getof a sense what kind of writer, he was and his vast ability to tap into the

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    This little Penguin is a collection of five of Aldous Huxley s short stories, and that made it a fascinating read for me because I ve only ever read his iconic non fiction before It turns out that he s just as good at writing fiction as he is as writing non fiction.What s interesting here is that it s not just short stories In fact, the second piece in here is a short play, and I actually th

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    Brilliantly written, sad, acid, and ironic little stories about the human condition MORTAL COILS is a short story collection from Huxley s early period, including one of his most popular stories, The Gioconda Smile.

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    I really enjoy Aldous Huxley His literature takes me a while to piece together, because his descriptions and language don t read like modern text Some of these stories have a very Lovecraftian vibe to them, which seems appropriate These stories are pretty far removed from his Brave New World feel I d recommend this if you like Huxley in general, but beyond that I m not sure what you d get out of it.

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    Classic Huxley

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    I gotta say, what joy it is to read regular novels again after A Suitable Boy I feel like I ve shrugged off a massive cape and can now go running around happily in normal sized novels In my thrill, I may be rushing things a little bit, just savouring the completion and the finishing of a book, but I assure you I am still reading them properly First came Hemingway, then Huxley, and now I shall move on to Steinbeck Ah the joy of

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    5 very early stories by Huxley, which show oncethat he could write straightforward narratives that weren t simply philosophical dialogues, and that he could see the silliness and pomposity of intellectuals The Giaconda Smile is an Agatha Christie yarn dispatched simply and efficiently, whilst The Tillotson Banquet is a superb dark comedy about ambition and reputation and the personalities of the culture racket Green Tunnels meanders ab

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    First and last, The Gioconda Smile and Nuns at Luncheon had a good mix of intrigue and character drive At first I thought the play Permutations Among the Nightingales was a satire on melodramas, but appears to take itself completely seriously while I could do no such thing at the end The other two, The Tillotson Banquet and Green Tunnels reached for a kind of touching realism and melancholy but didn t quite get to it Or maybe I just wasn t in t

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