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Mourning Glory Now Warren Adler s perceptive, provocative and prickly tale about love, money and dating at funerals is available in mass market paperback with the promise of becoming the must read and most talked about beach book of the seasonGrace Sorentino has had better days Heryear old daughter is driving her crazy Her bank account is down to nothing And she s just been fired from her cosmetician s job at Saks for being just a little too honest with a good customer But things start to look up when Grace decides to completely reinvent herself as everything she s not and snag a rich Palm Beach widower whose first wife is barely cold But sometimes what you most desire isn t what you need especially when what you really want is priceless

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Considering there aren t many reviews, I will do one This may contain spoilers.I found this book at a garage sale and picked it up because I thought it looked interesting It has sat on my bookshelf for the last 5 years or so until finally, after reading heaven is for real and the fault in our

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    Got to page 60 and couldn t even will myself to read any further Not written terribly, but the concept is awful It was making my nauseous If you re into non motivated women marrying impotent widowers this is the book for you

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    OK.I must have read it because I heard it was going to be made into a movie Wellat least I know there s no need to wast time or money on going to see this one I only finished it because it was on my nightstand and i was too lazy to go downstairs and get another

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    I read this many years ago, when I decided to start in the A section and read what looked interesting, to me I was surprised that this funny book was written by a man I did enjoy the story quite a bit In fact, it was so good I think I will go find a used copy and buy it

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    I only read 4 pages The vulgar language I did not expect and I will not waste my time going any further.

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    Here s my review Here s my review

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    It was pathetic.i just put it down

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    Amusing to listen to on the way to work.

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    This might be one of the worst books I ever read

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    Onvan Mourning Glory Nevisande Warren Adler ISBN ISBN13 Dar 446 Safhe Saal e Chap 2001

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