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Mr. Write Twenty six year old Teri Mara a wants to do things right become a better person, hone her writing skills, meet Mr Right, and make love when it s truly making love Fresh from a miserable relationship with an ex who kept pressuring her to sleep with him, she enrolls in graduate school for a master s degree in creative writing, and decides to give love another chance by agreeing to a blind date with a young college professor named Gito who turns out to be too yabang for words.Never mind that she may have started her new life on the wrong foot care of the blind date from hell, and that her best friends keep debating on when, where and with whom she should lose her virginity there s one thing that inspires her to get up in the morning and troop to school even if she s sure to bump into Gito mysterious and passionate love letters from a secret admirer that keep appearing at strange places With her name on it.Hot on the trail of the elusive letter writer, Teri can t help but wonder Could Mr X be Mr Right as well

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