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My Sad Republic From back cover Winner of the Centennial Literary Prize in , My Sad Republic is a story of love, obsession and loss, set against the epic background of the Philippine revolution against Spain and the Filipino American War loosely based on the life of a faith healer who declared a schism from the oppressive Spanish government and proclaimed himself the Pope of the republic, the novel includes a memorable cast of characters Tomas Agustin, whose ambition to rise in society compels him to fight his own people Isio, the folk hero who becomes his lifelong nemesis Asuncion, the woman for whose affestion the two men wage a brutal war and her son Felipe, who tragically attempts to unite his family and country Gamalinda takes us to a world of relentless savagery and eerie beauty, seen through the eyes not of victorious colonizers but of the vanquished people who lived through it people portrayed with humor, sensuality, intelligence and dignity

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    One of the best historical fiction I ve read

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    Impressively written Poignant and moving..by far one of my most favorite novels.

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