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Never Enough From the author of The Price of Pleasure comes a smart and sexy contemporary romance A poor, short term marriage to a selfish man convinced Tracy McBride of two things men can t be trusted and sex is a waste of time Sure that she lacks any natural ability in bed, the college professor prefers to lose herself in her books and papers She certainly couldn t do what her free spirited sister Kim does namely, teach intimacy weekends at a beautiful upstate New York resort, where the participants are looking for someone to open the channels of sexual communication, liberate their secret desires, and inspire new erotic temptations But when Kim s pregnancy forces her to go on bed rest, she begs Tracy to help her out by running the winter workshop Reluctantly, Tracy agrees, though she can t imagine how she, an inhibited novice, can ever get people to open up about their most searing fantasies What the buttoned up beauty needs is a refresher course herselfsomeone who can initiate her into the mysteries of pleasureand there s no one qualified for the position than hotel manager, Dave Markoff He s got a vested interested in keeping the weekends going at his resort and an equally serious interest in seducing Tracy Now, as the October leaves fall, so do Tracy s inhibitions, as she discovers an ecstasy she never imagined possibleand a calling she can no longer deny

About the Author: Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

Hi I m Joan Eliabeth Lloyd Let me tell you a bit about myself.Pesonal stuff I was born in 1941 yes, as of this writing I m 77 I have a wonderful partner of thirty years named Ed no, we re not married for tax reasons two wonderful daughters, a talented son in law and three grandchildren, Sarah and Adam, both out of college and gain fully employed and Luke, aged 15.Professional stuff I wrote my first book, Nice Couples Do, in 1990, because I wanted to share my ideas about sexual communication and sexual freedom I ve written many books novels and non fiction since but stopped writing several years ago.As you may have gathered, I m a devoted couch potato I m an omnivorous reader, both in my eyes and in my ears.My present interest is in Battered women I donate earrings, about 900 pair a month, to shelters all over the country, with the help of attendees at my many workshops Phew

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    Tracy caught her jerk of a husband giving it to her best friend He says that she is frigid and his behavior is her fault She left him and went back home But she has had no dates and no sex in two years Her sister Kim writes an advice column A few years ago she started Creative Loving Weekends to help coun

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    First time reading this author I must say I like her writing style This story is excellent so far, and I m almost done My friend bought about 5 of her books, so I will continue reading and rating when I m through with each

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    I understand the parallel storylines of the people that attended the retreat The author wanted to elaborate on their stories and how the retreat helped with the intimate physical part of the relationship I m glad to see that Tracy regained her confidence in herself, especially with her sexuality The book focused on peopl

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    I read enough of this book to realize that it wasn t for me The concept is a little far fetched and the three main characters have no personality The chemistry between Tracy and Dave is lack luster at best Towards the end of the last book we are introduced to an array of new characters that have no real purpose other than to end

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    Okay, so honestly I only got about half way and then gave up I wasn t able to connect to the characters and it felt very outdated Then in the middle she adds multiple new character story lines I just didn t care enough to read anyFrom what I can tell, I skipped the parts that had the erotica portion of the book but I just wasn t into re

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    This was a awesome book That was a really..exciting book

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    Seriously did not enjoy it

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