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Night Boat to Tangier In The Dark Waiting Room Of The Ferry Terminal In The Sketchy Spanish Port Of Algeciras, Two Aging Irishmen Maurice Hearne And Charlie Redmond, Longtime Partners In The Lucrative And Dangerous Enterprise Of Smuggling Drugs Sit At Night, None Too Patiently It Is October And They Are Expecting Maurice S Estranged Daughter Or Is She , Dilly, To Either Arrive On A Boat Coming From Tangier Or Depart On One Heading There This Nocturnal Vigil Will Initiate An Extraordinary Journey Back In Time To Excavate Their Shared History Of Violence, Romance, Mutual Betrayals And Serial Exiles, Rendered With The Dark Humor And The Hardboiled Hibernian Lyricism That Have Made Kevin Barry One Of The Most Striking And Admired Fiction Writers At Work Today

About the Author: Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry is an Irish writer He is the author of two collections of short stories, and the novel City of Bohane, which was the winner of the 2013 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

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    Delighted to see this on the Booker Longlist Kevin Barry is one of my favourite Irish writers and I approached this, his latest novel with a sense of great anticipation and delight His prose is sublime and lyrical, with his adept shifts in tone, his use of the vernacular, his inclusions of the fantastical, the bad luck of fairy mounds, spells and curses, and the mystic

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    Anguish Night Boat to Tangier is a powerful and expressive novel with fascinating characters that have corrupted and harmed themselves and those around them for years Kevin Barry s unflinching poetic style nails the moments that linger in the mind well after the book is closed Maurice Hearne and Charlie Redmond are two ageing, disfigured, Irish gangsters, waiting in a li

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    Night Boat to Tangier is not a caper or a crime novel, but a character driven story that just happens to be set in a gangster milieu Along the way there is tragedy, comedy and the peculiar durability of friendships formed in youth.Irish crooks Maurice and Charlie, lifelong partners in drug smuggling, are hanging about the ferry terminal at Algeciras hoping to locate an estrang

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    He adored Cynthia the first time he saw her When she turned the twist of a smile on him, he felt like he d stepped off the earth Two Irish gangsters, well past their prime, wait for a ferry in the sleepy Spanish port of Algeciras Maurice Hearne, the one with the missing eye, is hoping to find his daughter Dilly, whom he hasn t seen in over three years The limping Charlie Redmond, his ol

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    Now longlisted for the 2019 Man Booker Prize.I came to this book with very high expectations the author s two previous novels each won a major prize the Dublin Literary Award and the Goldsmith Prize the Big Issue recently proclaimed this book already the best novel of 2019 a Goodreads friend gave it 5.This book started as a screenplay commissioned for Dublin Abbey Theatre but never performed it seems, an

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    Do you think about Cynthia, Maurice I try not to She goes through me sometimes Into the middle distance they train their hard stares There is a stock of hard knowledge to be drawn on They know what they had once and what was lost.Moss and Charlie are waiting for their daughter niece Dilly who has been missing for three years to step off or onto the ferrys coming in and out from Tangier into the port of Al

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    It s sad, it s rough and it s beautiful.

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    The most beautiful, tender, nostalgic book you will ever read about gangsters.Maurice and Charlie, pair of gangsters in the twilight of their careers, wait on a night boat at the Spanish port of Algeciras They are expecting Maurice s daughter, missing three years and suspected of living in a sort of commune on one side or the other of the Mediterranean.As they wait, they interrogate various crusties anyone with dreadlocks and a do

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    What s genre fiction And why should I care Four great characters Charlie Charlie Red Redmond Maurice Moss Hearne Cynthia Maurice s wife and Charlie s occasional lover and Dilly Hearne, Maurice and Cynthia s daughter Charlie, Moss, Cynthia, all drugged out, with Cynthia s eyes warm on the needle s tip Moss and Cynthia timing their drugging according Dillys little girl schedule The need had taken hold Soon he would have to take

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    An unprepossessing pair, Maurice and Charlie, a couple of hoodlums past their prime, but they grew on me as their story unfolded Neither has much to be proud of in their past years a mixture of drug taking, drug running and the kind of violence involved in that both men bear the outward scars of old injuries We come to learn of their inner scars too, their lost love for a woman and a daughter The woman has died and the daughter has fled Ireland and

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