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Nightmare Jesse s next move might be her lastJesse s latest assignment is to infiltrate a sleepover camp and locate two targets One is a C agent working undercover The other is a camper with unusual skills who has been placed at the camp by a vicious group called Nimbus Jesse knows that the kid she has to find is some kind of threat, but information is scarce What she uncovers turns out to be larger and terrifying than anyone has imagined

About the Author: Christine Harris

Christine Harris is an Australian writer of children s and young adult with works both in speculative fiction and historical fiction.

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    Same review as book 2 in this series nothingto say Wow, what a great book The kids LOVED it Exciting, action packed, easy to read, great story and realistic characters Can t recommend it enough for your young adult reader.

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    I ve had this book since 7th grade or something, and I don t know why I never read it I wanted to read something today so I found it And loved it What really sucks that nightmare is the only book I have from the Undercover Girl series. I really want to know what happens to Rohan

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    Twas a quick read I could have finished it in a day if I d wanted to , but it was a good one I didn t see that ending, nor those few over things Not saying what Don t want to give away spoilers.

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    This one changed a bit, takingus off the plot to another plot, opening up what this organization really is.

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    Great book Full of suspense.

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    A quick read Beautifully written Exciting.

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