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No More Secrets Alternate cover for ASIN BBRZI can t wait any His mouth claimed hers in a storm of heat and power Carter Pierce is a man who believes in signs He just doesn t know what to do with this one In the small town of Blue Moon Bend, where everybody is a matchmaker, Carter wants to be left alone to tend the family farm After returning from Afghanistan with scars, his only goal is recovery He doesn t need any distractions, and definitely not one with silver blonde hair and lips that beg to be kissed Summer Lentz is a journalist from the city sent to interview Carter and his family She s out of place in the small town, with her designer wardrobe and workaholic lifestyle She asks too many questions and doesn t take no for an answer, threatening to destroy the peace and balance that Carter has been working towards She thwarts every attempt Carter makes to retreat back inside himself, somehow bringing him closer to being whole again Summer has secrets of her own, but she never planned to open up to anyone let alone the scowling, secretive farm owner whose story she s after But as she gets drawn into the community, she starts to realize that she can t stay closed off forever And what s , she doesn t want to As Carter and Summer grow closer, will they be able to push past the secrets that are holding both of them back

About the Author: Lucy Score

Lucy is a Wall Street Journal and 1Kindle Store bestseller of romantic comedies and contemporary romance She grew up in rural Pennsylvania with a lot of time on her hands and a big imagination She was the oldest of three in a book obsessed household Dinners were often spent in silence while family members had their noses buried in books A passion for writing took hold at five when she taught her brother to write his name on the bathroom door.She started writing on paper in the second grade, first about pilgrims on the Mayflower and over the years graduated to essays, articles, blogs, and finally books Pretend You re Mine was her runaway hit and she s been writing full time ever since Non romance writing jobs have included event planner, bartender, newspaper lackey, and yoga instructor.Lucy and Mr Lucy, enjoy spending time with their 1.7 million nieces and nephews and laying on beaches with umbrella drinks.

10 thoughts on “No More Secrets

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    Sweet and light read The conflict toward the end was slightly underdeveloped, IMO It came from nowhere, fortunately it was solved without unnece

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    4.5 Stars May contain some spoilers BOOK 1 in the Pierce Brothers series Can be read as a standalone About 320 pages HERO Carter Pierce, 30 Organi

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    Sign me up for the rest of the Blue Moon seriesI m quickly becoming a Lucy Score fan Her quirky, humourous, entertaining and lovable characters come

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    First sentence Summer Lentz hefted her suitcase and laptop into the trunk of her snappy little rental car What the hell is a snappy carA quintessentia

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    I feel like Lucy Score was playing with a story filters app and forgot to remove clich before hitting publish on this one Or maybe she felt pressure to

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    Contain spoilers 3.5 stars Sweet, sexy, cute read The writing wasn t the best writing, but I really liked the hero He was such a sweet loving man The h wa

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    This is my 2nd book by Lucy Score I read her recent release, The Christmas Fix I loved that one the writing style, the H h chemistry, the humor I just love

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    FREE ontoday 1 20 2018 Blurb I can t wait any His mouth claimed hers in a storm of heat and power Carter Pierce is a man who believes in signs He just doesn t

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    5 Stars BeautifulI LOVED this story There is nothing better than when I have a great reading streak and this was the second 5 Star rating for me in the past 2 d

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    3.5 starsI discovered Lucy Score this summer with her co written series Bootleg Springs, now that I binge read that, I m going back to read some of her back list

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