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Now, Then, and Elsewhen Praise for Now, Then, and Elsewhen In Nikki Alfar s wonderful collection, Now, Then, and Elsewhen, be prepared to travel Her stories range from the contemporary modern world into the past and far into the future The writing is strong, and the voices included within these pages absolutely stunning If you haven t already stopped reading this sentence and opened the book, do so And be prepared to be transported to worlds both familiar and strange Christopher BarzakImagination fait accompli Nikki Alfar s book is a delightful treasure trove of stories where the magical is the real, the living of it as imagined, whether that be in present day Manila, in folklore, or in other possible worlds Gemino H Abad

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    There are many brilliant pieces in this collection of short stories by Nikki Alfar, the wife of Dean Francis Alfar They range from her reminiscences of childhood memories about her long dead grandmother to supernatural or fantasy like seeing a man in diving suit jump into a flooded street in Manila The stories are youngish and would cater well with young adults from middle

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    I ve been in a recent short story streak I love how I can go from story to story, life to life, thought to thought, world to world in just a few pages And even then, it takes great skill to hold ones attention in such few pages as the expectation is higher This collection from Nikki Alfar was one great surprise The book is divided into 3 parts as the title implies to Now, Then

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    While I m giving the collection an over all 3 stars, I d rate a handful of stories as 4.5 stars on their own When We Were Witches, Bearing Fruit, Emberwild, and Selected Transmissions from Synthesized Human Emulation Mk.8.014b, Otherwise Known as Katey.

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