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O Traficante Os agentes CHERUB n o s o o James BondN o existem mestres do crime, nem engenhocas de alta tecnologiaS o profissionais treinados que escapam ao radar dos adultosEm O Traficante, a segunda aventura da colec o CHERUB, James Adams participa numa das miss es mais perigosas de sempre da CHERUB a persegui o de Keith Moore, o maior traficante de coca na da Europa, que a pol cia persegue h mais de vinte anosSer James capaz de conquistar a confian a do traficante A aventura continua

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    Nice series I love the idea of CHERUB and espionage books, so this gets four star But I don t want to review every single book in the series, cause there s a lot, so here s a quick review of the first four books, that I ve already read.I love the characters, especially Kerry and Lauren And James, the MC, can be sexist But after getting beat up by girls yo

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    This book was originally called The Dealer and my copy goes by that title so I got confused because I was searching for a different title I was surprised at how many there are in this series when I searched by series title I m really into books like I, Q Alex Rider and, of course, Cherub Missions They are all so awesome, I just love the whole teenage spy t

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    I m so glad that I m re reading this series I remember being a young teen and being so obsessed over Cherub I wanted to be recruited as well and become badass Also, I must say that, now being almost 22 years old, I m seeing things in a different light There are certain details that I m not okay with, the first and main one being the fact that these kids act

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    Good book, I have got into this series now and like it It does tend to make out that taking drugs is the normal thing we do, I did not like that, maybe some areas but not all teens are that stupid This series is getting better.

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    This book IS AMAZING So muchgripping than the the 1st book of the series This book has made me want to keep reading on I couldn t put it down and kept myself reading late into the night till early morning Yet again, I felt very evolved in this story with James and sometimes felt like I was at the scene or wanted to be in the scene Further, you fell so engaged

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    This book has lots of action, suspense and cliff hangers at the end of most chapters It s a great book for anyone who enjoys what I just described This book is second in it s series The entire CHERUB series has 12 books in it, starting from The Recruit and ending in Shadow Wave WARNING SPOILERS Class A is James Adams second mission James works for CHERUB, a se

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    When I finished reading the first cherub book I never new that it was a huge series, I didn t find out till my mum told me This book carried on from the first book in the CHERUB series As I was so hooked into the first book i had to read on or it would be complete torture for me to not read on This book was not as good as the first book THE RECRUIT Quite possib

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    These books are so full of action I really hated the sexist talks in this one, and also the view spoiler fact that James was a homophobe, but I suppose that s quite realistic, especially back 10 or so years ago hide spoiler I love how Lauren view spoiler hurt Mr Large, so glad Wonder what her next training will bring though hide spoiler These books are so full o

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    This was okay, I did not like the drug scenes in it It was written as if all 13 15 year olds take drugs or want to This is pants as I don t and neither do my friends I will readof this series but this disappointed me.

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    The book is very exiting with a lot of action and I found it very hard to put the book down.

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