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Obsession and Surrender Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone novelKeane s college sweetheart, Lilly, is the only woman he s ever loved too bad he was far too young and stupid to realize it, and ended things between them in the worst possible way He s spent the last seven years trying to become a better man someone Lilly can hopefully learn to trust and fall in love with once But when he goes stumbling back into her life in the middle of the night, professing his undying love, he s off to a damn rocky start Lilly s never really gotten over Keane, even if she s moved on The only use she now has for him is as her inspiration for the steamy romances she secretly pens under a different name When Keane comes crashing back into her life, it s the last thing she expects but she has bigger worries than a lying, cheating ex, when she has a stalker fan who wants his own leading role, and has managed to track her down Keane s offering her his protection, and feeling cornered, she takes it Stuck living with him for the foreseeable future, it s hard to deny the chemistry that still exists between them, and he soon has her wondering if he has indeed changed from the guy who broke her heart But with a stalker hunting her and love on the line, can she really keep herself and her heart safe This novel contains a Happily Ever After ending Although part of a series, this book can be read as a stand alone novel Due to the adult language and explicit sex scenes, this book is for adults only

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    This is a great second chance book You have a man who has screwed up royally and realizes he has and decides to fix his mistakes Throw in an erotica author with a stalker and he has a reason to rush in and save the day Of course, he waited 7 years to do it, which seems like an awfully long time to me There were a few times I was confused on the timeline of

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    Keene broke Lilly s heart by cheating on her when they were in college Now eight years later, Keene has decided that life without Lilly just isn t an option and will do whatever is needed to win her back What Keene didn t know when he went to win back Lilly s heart was that Lilly has a stalker A stalker that seems to be getting braver by the minute.After Ke

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    3.5 stars

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    2.5 stars I didn t really enjoy this book I did not love that Keane just bulldozed into Lilly s life without any explanation for why he cheated I wish they had a scene discussing the whole moment she caught him cheating and the circumstances, just to lay everything out on the table I felt he just used sex to get her to be agreeable rather that showing and dem

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    Boring to meI was not impressed whatsoever I barely made through this book Almost like the author threw this book together in a couple of days

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    ObsessionBook 3 does not disappoint Filled from cover to cover with drama, action and sexiness Real life issues with dark twists and turns Yummy dialogue that makes you tingle all over Onto the next book.

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    Loved ItThis was an awesome book Really enjoyed the storyline The characters were all uniquely written A little darkly told but light enough to really be addicting Can t wait till the next book.

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    Obsession The Billionaire s Seduction Series Book 2 by Cali MacKayReview by Candace FoxGenre Romantic SuspenseLilly and Keane had a thing in College, they fell in love and Keane being a dude, did something stupid and cheated on her Lilly understandably had heart heart broke and it hardened her, and in this case probably made her a much better character for this s

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    WeirdI m not sure how to describe this book There were some parts that were very sweet and some parts that had me confused The beginning was very weird and there was no explanation for Keane s behavior and very little for Lilly s This was just the first chapter It gotconfusing as the book went on The sex scenes were really uncomfortable to read After the abuse Lil

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    This is book 7 in the Billionaire s temptation series, it can be read as a stand alone This book focuses on Keane and Lilly College sweethearts that were tore apart by a lying, cheating Keane He wants her back and she wants nothing to do with him This entire series is great This book has it all, romance, sexiness, suspense It is a nail biter I could not put this bo

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