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Orosa-Nakpil, Malate (A Filipino Novel) The information that Gangcuangco presents in this novel regarding the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome HIV AIDS offers an entirely fresh approach to presenting factual, consistent and most recent scientific data, woven into a plot of romance, vengeance, mercy and forgiveness In his narrative, Gangcuangco reiterates relevant issues about HIV AIDS, especially men having sex with men, sustaining the interest of the reader in an erotic yet amusing and witty manner Fallacies about the virus and advisories about safe sex are consistently reaffirmed amidst the compelling dialogues and discourses emanating from the many colorful and controversial characters of the novel Hi How come i cannot find the book I cant start reading it Please help Thanks Orosa Nakpil, Malate is a book of many things It is funny, informative, heartbreaking and thought provokingPerhaps, the most moving part aside from the rape chapter was the last time Dave and Ross saw each other I thought I m about to have cardiac arrest reading that scene of the book because it was just totally heartbreaking When I was just 20 pages away from the end, I told my big sis who have read the first five chapters and last one IKR She s super weird that way that I know what will happen next, that it is very predictable I was totally proven wrong though because it s totally not what I ve expected I fell out of love of Ross due to that sex video tape and I was so enraged by his betrayal but again, I was wrong to even feel that way When the reason came out why that actually transpired, I got really mad but was heartbroken at the same time.Dave and Ross s love for each other reminds me so much of Brokeback Mountain, the infamous love story of Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist There s always the underlying melancholy about their love affair.And who doesn t hate Michael Pundasyon in this book I would ve kill him myself.One of my favorite scenes was when Ross collected the pieces of flyers telling everyone in Malate that Dave was positive of HIV AIDS That says a lot about Ross And when I found out that he sold his phone to buy a gift for Dave..awweee tearjerkerI won t discuss anything about the HIV AIDS part of the books because I felt like I m getting an overload of information, but I commend the author for doing this because I really learned so much about the virus.Overall, it was a good book This won t just resonates with gay men but also with everyone Louie Mar has showcased his ability to transform experiences thru writing and make it possible for readers to be possessed by Dave This was my favorite quote from the book delivered by Ross s character May mga bagay sa buhay natin na hindi natin kontrolado.May mga pagkakamaling hindi na natin maitatama pa gaano man nating gustuhin Kaya minsan kailangang gamitin and utak kahit iba ang isinisigaw ng puso Kahit pa maskit, kailangan nating magtiis Rating 4 out of 5 stars I have never read a gay love story that is just so universal Actually, this is my first time to read a book about the pink community I ve seen some books of gay milieu but didn t bother because I thought I won t be able to relate until I heard about this book from a friend She said it s beautiful so I went out to a bookstore and checked it out.Orosa Nakpil, Malate has an English version, a Tagalog version and an uncut Tagalog version I ordered for the last one Of course, who would want a book that s already edited and cut down I don t want to miss a single word Even minor details could add depth to the story, right I read The book cover says, UNCUT For Mature Readers Only Ehem Am I going to read a pornographic material I proceeded Oh my, the words are very descriptive and loud, you could almost feel and imagine the movement of every expression Take note, it s written in Tagalog so I understood every word, felt the daring emotions and discovered the book s sexuality.Bold, daring and genuinely humane, Orosa Nakpil, Malate is a novel that both educates and entertains It s very creative of the author on how he laid out scientific details about HIV AIDS, its effect in one s life and the simple ways to keep away from the disease, featuring them in between the heartbreaking story of Dave Even if the use of words is bold and vulgar, it s NOT delivered in a rude, erotic kind of way, rather on a sexy and informative manner The book is well written, it has good imagery and it made unique use of literary tools like the flashback and narration.Let me enumerate the good things I found in this book Continue reading here.. This is a heartbreaking work of staggering genius Louie Mar Gangcuangco is the Philippines answer to Edmund White.

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