Out of Their Minds: The Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great

Out of Their Minds: The Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great Computer Scientists Imagine living during the Renaissance and being able to interview that eras greatest scientists about their inspirations, discoveries, and personal interests The latter half of our century has seen its own Renaissance informations technology has changed irrevocable the way we live, work, and think about the world We are fortunate, therefore, that the authors of Out of Their Minds have been able to talk so candidly with the founders of computer science In Out of their Minds, readers will hear the Newtons and Euclids of the computer age as they talk about their discoveries in information technology that have changed forever the way we live, work, and think about the world Based on interviews by freelance writer Cathy Lazere and the expertise of computer scientist Dennis Shasha, Out of their Minds introduces readers to fifteen of the planet s foremost computer scientists, including eight winners of the Turing Award, computing s Nobel Prize The scientists reveal themselves in fascinating anecdotes about their early inspirations and influences, their contributions to computer science, and their thoughts on its explosive future These are the programmers whose work

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    This is a well written collection of short biographies of twelve computer scientists Stephen Cook and Leonid Levin of computational complexity, Leslie Lamport of distributed systems, Edsger Dijkstra, Donald Knuth, Michael Rabin and Robert Tarjan of algorithmics, John Backus, Alan Kay and John McCarthy of programming languages, Edward Feigenbaum and Do

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    Let us choose one of these freaks, say Lamport The man was obsessed with special relativity so he used it as inspiration to order events within distributed systems Beautiful Now the question is What do computer scientists do when they go crazy Well, they develop shortest path algorithms, object oriented programming paradigms and rigorous methodology to ev

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    I m always fascinated by stories about discoveries Good book

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    Micro biographies of Dijkstra, Knuth, 13 others.

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    My education in Computer Science never really offered a glimpse into the lives of those that discovered what I was studying This book was a nice introduction to the lives of those who ve changed the field.The book presents the lives and contributions of a few important Computer Scientists concisely while still being entertaining It goes over who the person was, a bit

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    Covers the heros of computer science Dijkstra, Lenat, Alan Kay, and some lesser known but no less important scientists The book makes a noble attempt to thread their discoveries and work together in a timeline leading up to the present, but unfortunately some of the biographies were just too dry and I ended up skimming through a few But the book also makes a decent attem

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    A nice overview of Computer Science discoveries found by living computer scientists Knuth, Dijkstra, Backus, etc., My main complaint is that all the heavy concepts it goes into, such as P NP, or even the shortest path algorithm, are better explained elsewhere I ts a quick and dirty overview, not something you can really learn a lot from if you have a background in the topic

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    I love reading about great computer scientists Evenabout great logical leaps and a ha moments This book was entertaining, but simply did not have the kind of depth and true understanding I would have hoped for.

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    Saw Prof Shasha lecture on a few of the stories from this book and it was delightfully fascinating Feynman esque anecdotes about CS pioneers Yes please.

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    A little heavy on mathematical theory and concepts for my taste but its an excellent overview of some of the early giants in the history of the computing field.

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