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Oyunlarla Yaşayanlar Tanzimat Tan Bu Yana S Rekli De I En Politik Ve Toplumsal De Erler Kar S Nda Tutunmaya Al An T Rk Okur Yazar N N Kara G Ld R S Eylemsizlikle Ge Mi Bir Ya Am N Getirdi I Beceriksizlik Ve G L N Olma Korkusundan Atay S R Kleyici Bir Oyun Karm

About the Author: Oğuz Atay

O uz Atay 1934 1977 was a pioneer of the modern novel in Turkey His first novel, Tutunamayanlar The Disconnected , appeared 1971 72 Never reprinted in his lifetime and controversial among critics, it has become a best seller since a new edition came out in 1984 It has been described as probably the most eminent novel of twentieth century Turkish literature this reference is due to a UNESCO survey, which goes on it poses an earnest challenge to even the most skilled translator with its kaleidoscope of colloquialisms and sheer size In fact one translation has so far been published, into Dutch Het leven in stukken, translated by Hanneke van der Heijden and Margreet Dorleijn Athenaeum Polak v Gennep, 2011 It appears also that a complete English translation exists, of which an excerpt won the Dryden Translation Prize in 2008 Comparative Critical Studies, vol.V 2008 99 His book of short stories, Korkuyu Beklerken, has appeared in a French translation by Jocelyne Burkmann and Ali Terzioglu as En guettant la peur, Paris, L Harmattan, March 2010.He was born October 12, 1934 in nebolu, a small town population less than 10,000 in the centre of the Black Sea coast, 590 km from stanbul His father was a judge and his mother a schoolteacher, thus both representative of the modernization of Turkey brought about by Atat rk Although he lived most of his life in big cities this provincial background was important to his work He was at high school in Ankara, at Ankara College until 1951, and after military service enrolled at Istanbul Technical University, where he graduated as a civil engineer in 1957 With a friend he started an enterprise as a building contractor This failed, leaving him as such experiences have for other novelists valuable material for his writing In 1960 he joined the staff of the stanbul Academy of Engineering and Architecture, where he worked until his final illness he was promoted to associate professorship in 1970, for which he presented as his qualification a textbook on surveying, Topo rafya His first creative work, Tutunamayanlar, was awarded the prize of Turkish Radio Television Institution, TRT in 1970, before it had been published He went on to write another novel and a volume of short stories among other works.He died in stanbul, December 13, 1977, of a brain tumour He spent much of his last year in London, where he had gone for treatment He is buried in Edirnekap Martyr s Cemetery He married twice, and is survived by a daughter, zge, by his first marriage.Atay was of a generation deeply committed to the Westernising, scientific, secular culture encouraged by the revolution of the 1920s he had no nostalgia for the corruption of the late Ottoman Empire, though he knew its literature, and was in particular well versed in Divan poetry Yet the Western culture he saw around him was largely a form of colonialism, tending to crush what he saw was best about Turkish life He had no patience with the traditionalists, who countered Western culture with improbable stories of early Turkish history He soon lost patience with the underground socialists of the 1960s And, although some good writers, such as Ahmet Hamdi Tanp nar, had written fiction dealing with the modernisation of Turkey, there were none that came near to dealing with life as he saw it lived In fact, almost the only Turkish writer of the Republican period whose name appears in his work is the poet N zim Hikmet.The solution lay in using the West for his own ends His subject matter is frequently the detritus of Western culture translations of tenth rate historical novels, Hollywood fantasy films, trivialities of encyclopaedias, Turkish tangos but it is plain to any reader that he had a deep knowledge of Western literature First come the great Russians, particularly Dostoevsky, with a particular liking for Ivan Goncharov s Oblomov he was not alone in seeing a peculiar affinity betwee

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    O uz Atay n mr vefa etseydi belki bu kitap ge i d nemi r n olarak adland r lacakt lk iki eseri Tutunamayanlar ve Tehlikeli Oyunlar da toplumsal bir damar illa ki bulundurmakla beraber genel olarak i e d n k, nce kendisi ile hesapla an kara

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    Yapaca m.Ve d nece im lkemizde su say lan ne kadar ey varsa hepsini yapaca m.

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    Ba lad m gibi g n bitirdi im ender kitaplardan oldu Bunda O uzcu um Atay n katk s b y k Sadece birka yerden t rnak almak istiyorum co kun ey zavall milletim dinle durur u anda, hepimiz burada seni kurtarmak i in toplanm bulunuyoruz nk ey milletim, senin h

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    Oyunun en ok ve en b y k oyunlarla ya ayan Co kun Bey Eyvah, kar n geldi

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    Lise ve niversite y llar nda ok oyun okurdum O uz Atay n Oyunlarla Ya ayanlar o g nleri an msatt bana Atay, ok etkili bir vodvil yazm Hiciv oyunun her yan na sinmi yk ve romanc l ktaki ba ar s n oyun yazarl nda da s rd rebilmesi O uz Atay n ne kadar yetenekli bir yazar o

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    Hayat fazla ciddiye alma yoksa delirirsin c mlesi zerine yaz lm t r bence bu oyun Atay ile yeni tan t k, i imden bir ses zamanla onu ok ciddiye alaca m s yl yor.

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    Yapaca m Ve d nece im lkemizde su say lan ne kadar ey varsa hepsini yapaca m

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    Bir kitab eski bas mlar ndan, m mk nse ilk bas mlar ndan okuman n keyfi bir ba ka Hatas yla, eksi iyle, kendine zg bir havas oluyor nk Hele ki o kitap O uz Atay nsa, yaz l an na tan kl k ediyormu um gibi geliyor bana Ac kl g ld r t r nde yazm oldu u tek oyununda, t m insanlar gibi ld nde ard nd

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    imdi de Co kun Ermi e z l yoruz.

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    Buyuk kalpler nedense cok zayif oluyor.

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