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Passions Prey (The Shadow Shifters, #3) They Live In The Shadows Half Human, Half Beast A Powerful Breed Of Shape Shifters Who Protect The Civilized World From The Deadliest Of Their KindCaprise Is Tall, Beautiful, Exotic A Goddess In The Flesh A Dancer, When Caprise Takes The Stage, She Feels The Power She Holds Over Men Especially The Man Known As X He Watches Her Night After Night He Follows Her With Hungry Eyes And He Knows Her Deepest, Darkest Secret Her True Animal Nature And Falling In Love With A Shadow Shifter Is The Most Dangerous Game Of All Xavier Has Always Lived For The Thrill Of The Hunt And The Pleasure Of The Kill But Now, As A Shifter Working For The FBI, He Is Dedicated To Keeping A Leash On The World S Most Savage Predators Keeping An Eye On A Gorgeous Creature Like Caprise Is Part Of His Job But When A Deadly New Breed Of Half Human Killer Marks Caprise As His Mate, Xavier Must Fight Tooth And Claw To Save Her Or Risk Losing The Most Sensual And Exciting Woman He S Ever Known

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    3.5 s rounded up to 4Scorcher Recap Xavier is an FBI agent who also works for Rome Reynolds, the the most powerful, influential Shadow Shifter in the United States Temptation Rising He also works with Nick Delgado, an attorney and another powerful Shadow Shifter Seduction s Shift X is the beefy h

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    OMG This book was so good, I was really waiting on this one Miss Arthur s didn t disappoint either, X and Caprise was what the other needed Love can heal all and that s what they did for each other, Caprise wasn t just a spoiled brat like everybody thought She had been throughthen any of them would ha

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    X and Caprice s book was my favorite The chemistry between the 2 main characters was electric, the Rogue camp had some major changes, andsecrets were revealed about the past for the Shadow Shifter leaders This serie...

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    Haunted by the traumatic and tormented experiences of his youth, the hero is a dark man Though loyal and always willing to offer help to his friends when in need, he isn t a cheerful character Never mind his dark and intense sexual desires, he is never one to smile or even grin instead, keeping a shuttered expr

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    A BIZARRE tale of humans that shift into BIG jungle catsbut I was still CAUGHT UP in their INTRIGUING and dangerous world This book focuses on Xavier and Caprisewho are so much alike its uncannyboth stubborn, moody, independent and afraid of anythingthan casual sexual encountershowever once they make that intimate c

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    Synopsis Caprise is tall, beautiful, exotic A goddess in the flesh A dancer, when Caprise takes the stage, she feels the power she holds over men especially the man known as X He watches her night after night He follows her with hungry eyes And he knows her deepest, darkest secret her true animal nature And falling in lo

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    Another Sexy ShifterA.C Arthur has done it again The Shadow Shifter series continues to amaze me This is another great read This series has taken us from the streets to the jungle and back again I am in love with family of jaguar shifters and I hope we keep gettingCaprise is a shifter running from who and what she is She is a

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    Passion s Prey is a book that is so full of excitement, adventure, passion and mind blowing burning sex, that it refuses to let you put it down for fear of missing something.AC Arthur hit pay dirt with not only this book but with this series I have read all of the books thus far and just when I thought that no one could top the pr

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    Ok if you thought book 1 Temptation Rising and book 2 Seduction s Shift was good then hold on to your hat because Passion s Prey will have you in total reading bliss OMG Xavier and Caprise story was off the chain good Both X and Caprise are from two different worlds and both have passes they don t want to confront There tolerance level

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    Passion s Prey, the third book in the AC Arthur s Shadow Shifters series was well worth the wait Xavier Santos Markland or X as he is affectionally called and Caprise Delgado were alpha mates in so many ways They both had strong personalities and...

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