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Peace Talks (The Dresden Files, #16) Read Peace Talks The Dresden Files, 16 Author Jim Butcher Nature Explore.eu As Of November 2017 Jim Is Back To Writing Peace Talks, Now That Brief Cases Is Out The Door We Re Still Quite A Ways From Having A Release Date, But We Ll Announce Any Updates In The News Blog.

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    Edited 9 23 15Jim said at yesterday s reddit AMA that the manuscript is due January 1st Generally a 4 month turnaround is necessary after that, 6 preferable Penguin has managed to bring that down to as low as 1 month, but that is unlikely Props to Priscellie for most of the above info.Here is Jim s 50 word summary of what Peace Talks is about The various supernatural p

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    Holy crap, Butcher Don t you ever sleep Not that I m complaining Carry on.

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    Butcher risks declining interest in the Dresden Files He s got such an interesting world, with huge potential stories and story lines that he s setup, and an interested fan base However, with the snail s pace publishing of the adult version of the Files, Butcher is risking a growing disinterest as readers turn to other authors books that are a bitproliferate Certainly, I find my interest

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    That title is ironic, right insert pause here Hahahahahaha, who am I kidding Of course it is.

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    Can t wait for this book.My first thought when I heard the title was Knowing Harry Dresden, why isn t it called Piece Talks

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    Now that I ve read Skin Game and Jim s confirmed that this one will beabout Molly as Winter Lady view spoiler FUCK YEAH hide spoiler I m evenlooking forward to this one.What I m not looking forward to The constant bitching that it s going to be A WHOLE YEAR til this one comes out Stop being that asshole that whines about how long it takes an author to write a book They get rushed, the story suffers.J...

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    Update 3 6 17 No cover No date For way over a year I don t think it s ever coming out, folksUpdate 24 3 16 Uhh, the date has disappeared and there s no cover Sh t is about to get real up in here, methinks.May 10 2016 Are you kidding me right now

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    I ve put together a compilation of everything I ve found that Jim has said about Peace Talks.You can see it here if you re interested.If you ve heard something I missed, I would love to hear about it

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    2018 is hereWHEN CAN I HAVE THIS I need a release date

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    Expected publication 2015 by Orbit Change to no date change to Expected publication May 10th 2016 by OrbitChange to no date sigh Change to Expected publication 2017 by OrbitChange to NO DATE sigh

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