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Playing with Fire GAHHHHHH Leigh could write a damn shopping list and I would find me crying from excitement hahaha CAN'T WAIT OBVIOUSLY for another #LJShenBookishBaby !!!!! L.J Shen reaches new heights with this angsty romance that completely captured my heart The characters are unforgettable, and the writing is flawless If you don’t read another book this year, read this one!Raw, heartfelt, and engaging, Playing With Fire is a consuming story about finding happiness and living life to the fullest I was immediately sucked into the narrative and gripped by the storyline While different, this book contains the brilliant storytelling we’ve come to know and love from this author The characters jump off the page and immediately make the reader root for them The writing is gorgeous and emotive And the story is simply one of my favorites.If you’re looking for a beautiful read that will consume you, this is it! FRTCForof my reviews:My Blog: Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog UPDATE AUGUST 28, 2020We Have the Cover, Title, and Blurb.Per the woman herself:It is heartfelt and angsty It is a small story and it is a big story and it is a ME story but it is also a different story and I cannot wait for you to read it.It Is Coming September 15th and get ready to buckle up because the Blurb is telling meMy Heart is going to be in pieces before the endingAugust 7, 2020UPDATE!!! PSSST!!!! C'MERE, YES, YOUI Have an Update from a Very Reliable Source This Book's Cover Is Coming August 28th! Yes, All the Beauty, Hotness, and Just Plain Goodness L.J Shen is known forOh, and here's another nuggetOur Couple Needs to Be Very Brave Hmmm, What Does Shen has In Store For UsApril 22, 2020So L.J Shen let a little secret outShe has been working on something VERY different from her usual It is a standalone and to quote Shen, Boy, do I love this brute of a man He is Alpha with a capital A, and I cannot wait for you to meet him.Here's a little taste to hold us over:You can take care of someone without blaming yourself for all their problems.Clearly, you're never taken care of someone.Clearly, you're talking out of your ass, XXXX countered, his voice turning arctic and biting I'd obviously hit a nerve.My ass still makessense than your mouth, I ground out.And just like that, he was back to laughing at my outrageousness The fact I talked back to him.Don't know about that, sweetheart, but it's a great ass, so I enjoy listening.Coming This Year..ForReviews, Free Ebooks and Giveaways Is this another bad boy manwhore gets the outcast virgin book??? L.J Shen would never go there Im super excited because I’m sure we may get something like heroine hearing him fucking ow or seeing him getting a blow job Fuck, I can feel the romance.We could consider it a win if the man being raped become something to laugh about? A 5 star read for sure if he does end up impregnating her mean sister and then marrying her after having fucked her six ways to Sunday It’s evenepic if they named their daughter after his rapist What a beautiful tribute If it’s a boy they maybe even call him Ted Can we call it a miracle if he gets to be in a threesome? Wait, maybe he won’t fuck anyone, who knows Actually I’m sure that would kill the romance, a hero who doesn’t whore around after seeing the heroine?? Unappealing, how would I know he can teach the heroine what to do during sex? But hey, maybe an inexperienced hero can be cute, he can be a false whore!!!!! So don’t you go losing your virginity with any other guy moonshine, maybe there is a sunshine out there wanting him and you would suffer if he only realizes he doesn’t want to have sex with her mid thrust at your’s special place Serious now, I think this will be good, he can even be faithful instead of getting tons of blow jobs at the same time he is demanding no other guy touches her.I’m 50% confident they won’t have any blood fetish though, that’s a plus I’m already dreaming about some snack being shoved inside her vagina, chocolate is too 2019 maybe he will use something like a vegan protein bar If we got real lucky he will use a wheel wrench because I don’t think he has any art supplies I’m hoping the heroine is luck enough to be with the hero after he spent the whole summer suckingthan twenty different vaginas, she deserved to be with a guy who knows how to pleasure her Maybe she will catch an STD but that’s a small price to pay if you get a man who makes you cum with his feet Wait, there is a small hope he will “semi” cheat on her but no worries girls they weren’t actually together, sure they are married, he scared away any guy after her even while he was dating ow because he wants that cherry, he got a blow job and fucked one woman but he didn’t really want to fuck that last woman, it was a revenge, so everything is okay They had already fooled around but whatever, no one likes a faithful hero Don’t worry I have faith this is going to be good, he may ask her to have all her firsts even though he saved nothing for her, he even fucked four other girls L.J doesn’t do double standards I’m dying to know all about his bad boy dress code, I’m imagining he has some holes on his shirts where the heart is, I swoon over a poetic hero humm maybe his superstition involves another part of his body so instead he cut holes on his pants A practical man, you got love those I’m curious about their age though How old is too old to host a party where all the bimbos line up to suck the popular guys cocks? It’s a small town romance so I can’t stop thinking about small town scandals Wouldn’t it make the hero the goddess of love if he ended in a sex film with five girls? Uh la la, I’m drooling thinking about what a remarkable stamina he would have Do you think heroine will be bullied by him? She may suffer and struggle to make money for ten years while he is living his best life all because of him Shit, I’m crossing my fingers for something like that, that’s a total redeemable act, he may grovel for a couple of months so yesss book boyfriend coming Everybody knows us women get off on being treated like shit As you can see based on her previous books this is going to be very romantic, zero sexism, strong heroine, no doubt standards, no asshole hero and even if the heroine dies there is nothing to worry about, eight months after here death he will be touching pinkies with another woman It’s going to have a very fair HEA I can guarantee you. She allowed herself to look, because she wasn't used to anyone noticing her.Well, I did.I noticed she was fucking glaring.That she wanted what I had to offer.That she was hungry for the things I'd never give her.HOP THE FUCK ON!! I Want It Now, Leigh wrote this—it’s perfect, we all know it. When L.J Shen says she is writing something so different from what she has ever written, take her word for it and then some Playing With Fire is nothing short of MAGNIFICENT! It was heartfelt and breathtakingly emotional and one of the best stories she has ever written! No one can ever say that Shen pulls her punches Playing With Fire is an explosive onetwo combo of perfection and pure excellence! Grace and West were absolutely incredible Two damaged people hiding from themselves and their pasts who find one another and the strength to face their fears and traumas.Grace was the epitome of a spitfire full of sass and fiery spirit A young woman rising from the ashes of who she used to be to become the woman she was born to be I absolutely loved her determination and grit West likewise was as battered and broken as they come reeling from a painful past.  But together they made one another want to live life to the fullest again.Overall, this story was raw, poignant and sexy It will have you swooning and holding on for dear life until the very last page! 5 Magnificent Stars! ~Ratula A broken boy on the path to destructionA scarred girl without directionA love story carved in secrets, inked with pain and sealed with a lieGrace Shaw and West St Claire are arctic oppositesShe is the strange girl from the food truckHe is the mysterious underground fighter who stormed into her sleepy Texan college town on his motorcycle one day, and has been wreaking havoc sinceShe is invisible to the worldHe is the town’s beloved bad boyShe is a rejectHe is troubleWhen West thrusts himself into Grace’s quiet life, she scrambles to figure out if he is her happilyeverafter or tragic endingBut the harder she pushes him away, the he pulls her out of her shellGrace doesn’t know much about anything beyond her town’s limits, but she does know this:She is falling in love with the hottest guy in Sheridan UAnd when you play with fire—you ought to get burned I mean come on, it's L.J Shen, everything she writes is perfection so the blurb is out pretty much convincing that the heroine is going to be her against the worldagain the guy is going to be the most wellknown, powerful and loved by manyagain no surprise at all here i have a feeling it'll be like broken knight 2.0 so imma pass since i refuse to rewind that traumatizing experience i'd rather drink my own vomit than having sleepless nights over fictional characters.—20/7/2020: putting this in my tbr because it's friends to lovers and i still have faith shen has talent to write friends to lovers just like bane and not the same boring enemies to lovers shite again so

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