Poems of Rolando S. Tinio, Jose F. Lacaba & Rio Alma

Poems of Rolando S. Tinio, Jose F. Lacaba & Rio Alma This second volume in Vagabond s Asia Pacific Poetry Series brings together a selection of poetry by three major Filipino poets writing in Tagalog Rolando S Tinio, Jose F Lacaba Rio Alma, translated from Tagalog and introduced by Robert Nery, with cover art by Lyra GarcellanoWith the Asia Pacific Writing Series, Vagabond Press aims to create an open space for the sharing of cultural knowledge, understanding and enjoyment across national, political and language boundaries Our plan is to produce beautiful, affordable editions of contemporary prose and poetry from across Asia Pacific in close collaboration with a growing community of writers, translators, editors and artists

About the Author: Rolando S. Tinio

Rolando Tinio is a Philippine National Artist for Theater and Literature He was born in Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila on March 5, 1937 As a child, Tinio was fond of organizing and directing his playmates for costumed celebrations He was an active participant in the Filipino movie industry and enjoyed working with Philippine celebrities who he himself had admired in his childhood Tinio himself became a film actor and scriptwriter He is often described as a religious, well behaved and gifted person Tinio graduated with honors a magna cum laude achiever with a degree in Philosophy from the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas at age 18 in 1955 and an M.F.A degree in Creative Writing Poetry from the State University of Iowa.

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