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Primal Endurance Primal Endurance Shakes Up The Status Quo And Challenges The Overly Stressful, Ineffective Conventional Approach To Endurance Training While Marathons And Triathlons Are Wildly Popular And Bring Much Gratification And Camaraderie To The Participants, The Majority Of Athletes Are Too Slow, Continually Tired, And Carry Too Much Body Fat Respective To The Time They Devote To Training The Prevailing Chronic Cardio Approach Promotes Carbohydrate Dependency, Overly Stressful Lifestyle Patterns, And Ultimately Burnout.Mark Sisson, Author Of The 2009 Bestseller, The Primal Blueprint, And De Facto Leader Of The Primal Paleo Lifestyle Movement, Expertly Applies Primal Lifestyle Principles To The Unique Challenge Of Endurance Training And Racing Unlike The Many Instant And Self Anointed Experts Who Have Descended Upon The Endurance Scene In Recent Years, Sisson And His Co Author Business Partner Brad Kearns Boast A Rich History In Endurance Sports Sisson Has A 2 18 Marathon And 4th Place Hawaii Ironman Finish To His Credit, Has Spearheaded Triathlon S Global Anti Doping Program For The International Triathlon Union, And Has Coached Advised Leading Professional Athletes, Including Olympic Triathlon Gold And Silver Medalist Simon Whitfield And Tour De France Cyclist Dave Zabriskie Under Sisson S Guidance, Kearns Won Multiple National Championships In Duathlon And Triathlon, And Rose To A 3 World Triathlon Ranking In 1991.Primal Endurance Applies An All Encompassing Approach To Endurance Training That Includes Primal Aligned Eating To Escape Carbohydrate Dependency And Enhance Fat Metabolism, Building An Aerobic Base With Comfortably Paced Workouts, Strategically Introducing High Intensity Strength And Sprint Workouts, Emphasizing Rest, Recovery, And An Annual Periodization, And Finally Cultivating An Intuitive Approach To Training Instead Of The Usual Robotic Approach Of Fixed Weekly Workout Schedules When You Go Primal As An Endurance Athlete, You Can Expect To Enjoy These And Other Benefits In Short Order Easily Reduce Excess Body Fat And Keep It Off Permanently, Even During Periods Of Reduced Training Perform Better By Reprogramming Your Genes To Burn Fat And Spare Glycogen During Sustained Endurance Efforts Avoid Overtraining, Burnout, Illness, And Injury By Improving Your Balance Of Stress And Rest, Both In Training And Everyday Life Spend Fewer Total Hours Training And Get Return On Investment With Periodized And Purposeful Workout Patterns Have Fun, Be Spontaneous, And Break Free From The Pull Of The Obsessive Compulsive Mindset That Is Common Among Highly Motivated, Goal Oriented Endurance Athletes Have Energy And Better Focus During Daily Life Instead Of Suffering From The Active Couch Potato Syndrome, With Cumulative Fatigue From Incessant Heavy Training Makes You Lazy And SluggishPrimal Endurance Is About Slowing Down, Balancing Out, Chilling Out, And Having Fun With Your Endurance Pursuits It S About Building Your Health Through Sensible Training Patterns, Instead Of Destroying Your Health Through Chronic Training Patterns While It Might Be Hard To Believe At First Glance, You Can Actually Get Faster By Backing Off From The Overly Aggressive And Overly Regimented Type A Training Approach That Prevails In Today S Endurance Community Primal Endurance Will Show You How, Every Step Of The Way.

About the Author: Mark Sisson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Primal Endurance book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Sisson author readers around the world.

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    I read this hoping for help in training for a rim to rim Grand Canyon hike This book really is for endurance athletes There wasn t too much overly useful for me as an average person who follows a fairly primal lifestyle I wish I had bought it sooner because with only

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    Too repetitive Could have been condensed to 1 4 of its size.

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    This made me re evaluate a few things and has given me a lot of things to test in my own training.

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    Okay information presented in a complicated way Not sure why he trys to use big words and complicated jargon Makes for a difficult read He s quite full of himself and comes across arrogant Plus, this isn t a book for women athletes It is geared towards men In my own opinion..

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    This book advocates to go slow to go faster based on the idea that when you teach your body to burn fat for energy instead of relying on carbohydrates mostly , you will have a huge pool available for all kind of activities It s definitely an intriguing idea with some impressive showcases I am not in th

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    Rating a book about a fitness program right after reading is definitely futile How can you know if it even works I rank this 4 stars because 1 it inspires me to start running again, 2 the heart monitored low level aerobic step 1 is already MUCHenjoyable and less taxing than any previous attempt to run for fitne

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    I approached this book with extreme interest as I find the Sissons material engrossing and I m a long standing fan of Paleo nutrition, embarking on a challenging 65th year of 12 marathons.The book does not disappoin...

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    Great book about how one can improve his lifestyle to get to a healthier,durable athletic lifestyle Combines a lot of proven methods and techniques and convinces me to at least think about eating less carbohydrates, decrease training intensity and increase strength training The only dow...

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    Must read for all those folks training for endurance sports to not kill themselves in over training, or binge on foods that add to the stress If you follow Marks s dailly apple blog, you pretty much know most of the stuff covered But he does cover some additional Biki...

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