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Resurrection Korba is back in control and the Empire has settled, at least for now But stability is only a relative term and it is never assured.Something has been discovered across the galaxy, something extraordinary, something no one in the Realm can ignore, least of all Chelan But dealing with what awaits at the end of the journey will be a colossal undertaking, a task wrought with danger and unexpected threats Chelan and Korba arethan up to the challenge Yet when Chelan is beset by strange, disturbing sensations, solving the perplexing and troubling mystery that plagues her becomes imperative The hunt is on for answers Discoveries made on what starts off as the adventure of a lifetime will take the entire Empire by surprise But nothing compares to what awaits them all in the end An eerie phenomenon haunts Chelan whether it is friend or foe remains to be seen The potential threat to Korba and his crew is immense success in ferreting out the entity could come with disastrous consequences Will Korba take the risk to discover all, or will he back away to keep everyone safe, especially his beloved mate Chelan holds the answer.

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    So worth the wait What an amazing ending to a great story The final book brings everything full circle We meet new people , cry some and then get tons of answers and then cry some and laugh and basically feel amazed at how this story is told I love the writing style , world building and character development The ending may not be what everyone wants but I was very satisf

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    I was pleased that Chelan finally grew up in this book She seemed at peace with herself and her situation I loved the plot of Chelan and Korba repairing RIBUS 7 There they discover how Talon was able to defeat the first Empire They also make some other surprising discoveries One thing that detracted from the story IMO, the characters kept apologizing to each other about things

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    Fantastic final book As the author know, this series is my favorite romance series of all time In this final book, Chelan s life comes full circle and mysteries and past loves are resurrected from the ashes of the galactic war that Talon had forced on their Empire Drawn to find RIBUS 7 by a elusive feeling that started on Earth just before Dar left her there, when the badly damaged

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    Amazing Book and series I didn t know there was going to be another book because I assumed that Chelan ending in Talon was a ok enough ending When I saw this book I clicked so fast and stop cleaning my house to read I am so happy for this book I was on an emotional roller coaster when everyone returned and actually found myself crying when one took another route even though it was heartb

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    Full CircleShaw has out did herself Chelan has come full circle from her entry in Ribus 7 to her removal from all of her loves..Shan and their son in the badlandsTalon at her mates hand..Korba at Ticees and Talons handsFreema at Talons and Annyas handsand Dar at his own hands.Then back together in Ribus 7 decks This story completed not only her life but the lives of those she loves May they t

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    OmgOh my gosh, everything come full circle This is the conclusion of the series and much is said and done People new and from the past are explored with all the answers we ve been seeking There s happiness, sadness yes I did cry , anger, and of course love You did it Shae, you made a book that we where waiting for I only hope you continue as an author to write because your great at it Your fan for

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    ReviewI waited a long time and eagerly for book 5 and I was not disappointed I have loved this whole series so much I have been completely enamoured with Korba right from the beginning He is my idea of the perfect man alien or human I think he is just perfect, strong clever brave and totally committed to one woman Absolutely faithful to Chellen and the Empire.

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    Wow..the end fabulous I wish there was However I have never read a perfect ending to one of the best,exciting,interesting,spell binding,can t put it down ,dream creating series of all time Any one who reads these amazing books will need to read and re read and re read Own these books and how the world could be

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    Worth the wait Never have I wanted to be kidnapped by aliens Shae Mills delivered another absolutely wonderful look into the lives of Chelan and all that she loves whether past or present and gives us some new adventures to go on too.

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    Amazing So amazing to read the final chapter of this book series Lots of laughter, smiling, and crying occurred while I read this book but it was amazing Definitely give this series a shot

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