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Retribution (Forced, #3) Jinna s life had been turned upside down She was forced to break her engagement to the man she loved She became a target of despise by her people and she was trapped into marrying Demetrio Zarakis, the man behind all her misery Jinna had always thought of Demetrio as invincible, a man like him you could only try to survive not fight Now will Jinna dare to break the hold of her tyrant husband Will Jinna wish to leave her obsessive manipulative husband whose love proved to beextreme than she thought This is the final part of the story of Demetrio and Jinna Here, there sseduction,humiliation, retribution and a satisfying end is brought to the story.Ps This book is not a standalone, to understand it you should first read Forced by the Greek tycoon Forced book one , which is free on Smashwords and Seduction and Humiliation Forced book two.Warning Warning this story is not intended to be a soft romance, so, it can contain some violence and scenes that may be considered disturbing to some readers. That was the final part, I definitely liked the plot and the ending There was good grovel, twists and hea The theme is remarkable. I like it when an author bothers to give a satisfying end, liked it very much. When I started reading this book, I was thinking of something like pagan lover by Anne Hampson, the hero crossed the limit of being cruel harlequin to cruel captive of the dark the book was not boring but this hero should have been burnt alive.

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