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I know I ve read this before, but I couldn t remember anything except the brass band.2013 this time I didn t remember even the brass band But that s the charm always pleasant to read, but not so memorable as to be boring. Love vintage, cozy Brit lit author Elizabeth Cadell Return Match has especially winsome characters Very pleasantThis is a lovely book Gentle humour, Cadell s eccentric characters at their finest, a small mystery, and a delightful love story When these books work, they do because Cadell gets everything just right There is nothing exciting or moving in this plot, but in its placid way, there is not a single wrong note I have enjoyed these interlude readings of Elizabeth Cadell, the prolific British author whose career began in 1946, writing 53 books before her death in 1989 This novel, written in 1979, however, was the first one I thought dated, filled with gender and character stereotypes, highly predictable I still found it pleasant. What was once a bittersweet, fleeting romance between Nigel Pressley and Rona Hume develops into a different kind of attraction years later under the influence of Nigel s gentle widowed mother This wasn t my favorite Cadell I ve ever read, but I liked the way that all of the various plot lines and there were a lot of them intersected in the end. An old schoolmate with legs as large as trees and a master soccer player Times have changed for former school mates after time goes by. Another delightful story from this author Likeable characters, witty conversations, and a nice love story. Return Match

About the Author: Elizabeth Cadell

Elizabeth Violet Cadell was born in 1903 in Calcutta, India During the Great War she studied music in London, but refused a musical career and returned to India where she married and had two children After she was widowed ten years later, she returned to England.Elizabeth wrote her first book My Dear Aunt Flora during the Second World War in 1946, thereafter producing another 51 light hearted, humourous and romantic books which won her a faithful readership in England and America She moved to Portugal in 1960 and subsequently set many of her books in that country She died in 1989, aged eighty five.

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