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Riding Hood Who s afraid of the big bad wolf It s a very dangerous time to be traveling through the northern woods The wolves are on the hunt Unafraid, Annabel has donned her favorite red cloak and set forth to visit her ailing grandmother What she finds along the way leaves her breathless a handsome stranger with piercingly pale blue eyes It is not long before she is swept away, literally, by this mysterious young man Riding Hood takes you on a deliciously erotic adventure with this reimagining of the classic fairy tale This book is ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN It contains adult situations and is intended for mature audiences over the age of eighteen only

About the Author: Gina Biggs

Gina Biggs has been creating comics for over twenty years and recently resides in Portland, OR She is the creator of the sci fi romance series, Love Not Found Other notable works include Red String Dark Horse Comics, Strawberry Comics , and Erstwhile Fairytales.

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