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Roman Holiday Natalie has always wanted to be an actress, so when she wins a place at a prestigious acting summer school in Rome, she thinks it s a dream come trueuntil she meets Veronica, her drama queen roommateVeronica is sure she s the only one at the school destined for stardom except maybe Eddie, the super cute English boy She s determined to get attention from everyone especially the father she hardly ever seesThis summer is sure to be filled with new friends, excitement, crushes and, most of all, drama

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  1. says: book2.From 5 26 to 6 233.Roma,Ann,Joe,Holiday,love,dream,sad4.Main charactor is Ann and Joe Ann is a princess Joe is a Writer.Ann and Joe met each other by chance At first, Joe has a schame which get a big news about Ann,but gradually he loves Ann However, Ann is a princess, Joe is ordinaly person,

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    This book was so much like rome I loved Sandra I hope she writes another book so this can be come a whole series

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    I read Exchanging Lives and LOVED IT So funny when they switch towns and lives I hated Annie and Loved Charlie Frememies Fun Roman Holiday is even better

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