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Running Wolf Rival TribesRunning Wolf is a valiant Sioux warrior During his first raid as war chief, he captures a surprising Crow enemy a woman This spirited fighter is unlike any he s ever met Her beauty and audacity are entrancing, but threaten his iron resolve Rival passionsSnow Raven must focus on freeing herself, not on the man who keeps her captive But as she falls deeper under Running Wolf s spell, she realizes he is her warrior and she ll risk everything for him

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    4 starsDespite my reservations regarding Snow Raven s lack of agency in her relationship with Running Wolf, I did enjoy this story quite a bit It s a bit grittier than I expected, and Raven s life after being captured by the Sioux was not easy or pleasant She lost everything but her pride and her courage, which helped her survive her ordeal I was worried ab

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    I VE READ PLENTY OF NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN ROMANCES BUT I RARELY TOUCHED ONE WHERE THE MCS ARE OF THE SAME RACE MOST AUTHORS ALWAYS PAIR AN INDIAN WITH A WHITE I ENJOYED THIS ONE VERY MUCH.RUNNING WOLF is a Sioux who captured Snow Raven by accident during the raid of her tribe Circumstances made her his captive, and for some reason, he s very possessive of this f

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    This was a pleasant surprise, like when you get a gift on a non gift giving holiday It is so well researched, the couple is believable, and the payoff at the end is so redemptive after all the struggling the characters endured It wasn t your run of the mill lust at first sight in the ballroom where everything is light and fluffy It is gritty It gets a little intense so

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    I literally just finished this book and I loved it it was well written and the story line, though heartbreaking at times, definitely intrigued me It was hard putting this one down and I was so happy both characters got a happy ending.

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    A perfect historical Native American romance read It had all the making physically and mentally one can imagine during that time period It amazed me how this tale captured that western essence I only imagine through reading or what I saw in the movies Names like, Turn Too Slowly or Bright Arrow or Red Hawk or Turtle Rattler or Ebbing Water I was captivated by it all I felt the hun

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    This was a very good historical romance It was set within Native America slightly after the civil war The heroine is captured by a rival tribe s war chief To saywould be a spoiler The plot was very good and kept me reading the book whenever I had a spare minute I loved the ingenious ending I also liked learning about Native American culture The Crow actually spoke a dialect of the Sioux

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    What a buffoon The guy is a fuckin buffoon I kind of hope the heroine would say yes when the Sioux medicine man was like yo prefer women Because what you did was dykey af lmao.actual rating 2.5

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    Amazing love story about bravery, forgiveness and taking chances Unique and captivating historical romance I read the entire book in one sitting, couldn t put it down I ve already bought three other books from this author as well and I can t wait to read them.

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    This genre is my all time favorite Jenna did not disappoint I wish she would writestories involving the Native Americans This is on my favorites list.

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    Fast paced, action packed and entrancing, Running Wolf is a captivating romance about two star crossed lovers and the treacherous trials they face in the name of love RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.

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