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Scandal Bound MISS MARLING S MISTAKEMiss Ellen Marling made a most serious mistake when she let her father marry her off to the beastly Baron Basil Brockhaven Just how immense an error it was became crystal clear to this innocent but independent young lady when she faced the prospect of her wedding night with the loathsome lordA leap in the dark from the bedroom window seemed her only sure way of escape But here again it seemed that she had most grievously erredHer leap carried her into the hands of the notorious Marquess of Trent, as ravenous in his pursuit of pleasure as he was irresistibly handsome Ellen had traded a monstrous husband for a masterly rake and knew she could not risk another mistake, the greatest one of all falling in love

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    What happens when you put together a forcibly wed and until recently, on the shelf, young lady and a rakehell marquess It is Scandal Bound.Miss Ellen Marling s shallow father sold her to the elderly and overweight Baron Basil Brockhaven after a two week introduction engagement It was their wedding night and while her new husband was temporarily out of the room, Ellen escaped out the second story window She

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    If I were to rank my traditional Regency romance novels serious novels of the time such as Pride Prejudice notwithstanding , Scandal Bound by Anita Mills would be in my top three, if not the number one spot outright Considering I ve read literally hundreds of these novels, that says quite a bit This is the book that I loan to friends who are curious what Regency romance novels are about, and I ve universally re

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    4.25 stars pg13 r lite see below I was frustrated at first and nit picking all the little things that didn t quite fit It sometimes felt like author was determined to try and patch together every little idea she d ever had, or read somewhere else, all into one book it didn t always flow seamlessly I kept trying to force myself to suspend the disbelief And then I managed to turn off my perfectionist gene and found my

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    This was recommended to me my Goodreads friend Linda, to see how it compared to The Corinthian by Heyer I truly wanted to love it, but could not quite get warm with it It was totally unrealistic, but I don t think that was the problem I fear the characters just did not work for me There wastell than show, if you know what I mean I have read books in a similar setting, where I liked the execution better I listened to the

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    I am glad that this is my last 2017 book I am also glad because the author has written several other regency and historical romances that I plan to start as soon as possible A not so perfectly looking 25 year old heroine and a very dashing with bad reputation but trustworthy word of a Deveraux hero are thrown together in a road adventure Their dialogues are very funny Thanks to Linda for her great review which prompted me to

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    one of my all time favorites i ve tracked down used copies of it once or twice after losing mine.

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    Fun read with nice characters Hero and heroine s bantering was funny and the way they grow to like and love is believable Felt similar to heater s Venetia Corinthian Climax could have been improved, last part was done badly and no epilogue.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here cute beginning, but ending is a little weak, the impediment to their HEA feels a little drawn out and contrived, didn t feel the rapport building between the hero and heroine before suddenly they were head over heels in love view spoiler Ellen escapes out of her window on her wedding night to Basil Brockhaven, Trent mistakes her as a housebreaker, than servant,

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    3 1 2 stars A heart warming story about a young lady forced into marriage with a disgusting rou , and her rescue, after she jumps from her husband s bedchamber window rather than consummate the marriage, by a rake Despite such an inauspicious start, they come to care for each other, and after several misadventures, the rou is persuaded to annul the marriage.Although their relationship begins scandalously, this is a sweet Regency romance.

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    Deveraux 1

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